Sunday, January 26, 2020

Fish Tales is finally ready and shipping will start tomorrow, 1/27/2020

Thank God, the waxers finally arrived and we are putting the kits together for our Hands on Design exclusive, "A Fish Tale" and we starting the shipping Monday, 1/27/2020.  For those who haven't seen it or know anything about it let me explain what this is.  The exclusive kit includes the chart, wooden box for displaying the pieces, 14 weeks dye works threads, a fat quarter of linen, trims, wool for the pincushion top and the red backing fabric.  Also included is the matboard, cardboard, foam core, ribbon and twine for finishing.  There are some extras that were made to fill to your box...a custom fish ruler by Joseph's Workshop, a set of real shells made into counting pins, a thread keep by Sampling of Memories, fish waxer by Noteworthy Needle, and an ort jar.  The only things that you will need to supply is the white paint for the box, batting, and roving/walnut shells for the pincushion.  The kit cost will be $150.00 plus shipping.  Since this is an exclusive kit, it will be excluded from any store sales or coupons.

If you are interested Sara is ready for you to call with your address and payment information.  The shop is open Friday thru Monday from  10-4....the shop number is 410-289-4667.  Or you can send her an e-mail at    For those of you who have already ordered the kit,  it will be on it's way this week.  

Hope to hear from you.  

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