Monday, January 27, 2020

Fabulous Weekend with the Ladies

Camp Wannastitch is just a memory at this point but I'm still exhausted from working during Camp Wannastitch.  There were over 200 stitchers attending the event, and while we don't see all of them, the fabulous stitchers that did come in  kept us hopping.   It's so exciting to see everyone and get a peek at projects they need supplies for, and discuss ideas for future projects and I miss it when they have all gone home.  As I mentioned in previous posts, Stasi Buhrman and Debbie Liming came down to lend a hand.  Poor Stasi was stuck at the cutting table all day for 4 days and didn't get a lunch break until 3:00 and then bounced right back to the cutting table.  Debbie was put to work in one of the apartments putting the Salty Yarns exclusive kit together.  We were waiting for the waxers, (which arrived this past weekend so now Sara is in shipping hell.)   I was in Sea Trader and Sara headed up the team in Salty Yarns.  At the end of the day, on Sunday Stasi told us to hold on as she had a gift for each of us....oh, how I love a gift.  OMG,
She made the Brenda Gervais bag with a little strawberry on the zipper, 
how cute is that?   The 2 spools of ribbon you can  stitch on the ribbon itself, OMG, and the scrabble sign which she made, and the daylight case for my portable lamp.  (It's actually a knitting needle case that fits the lamp perfectly.)  So it's been a wonderful weekend with Stasi's gifts as the cherry on top of the sundae.  I want to thank Ann Wilson for such a wonderful job she does organizing the Camp Wannastitch Event and for all the stitchers who visit us, thank you so much for giving us something to do for the weekend.  We love seeing you all and of course it helps us at this time of year when business is so slow.  Also thank you to the best Salty Yarns team, Sara, Stasi, you ladies.  Good time was had by all!  Now of course, we are gearing up for Super Bowl Weekend Sale Event.  We have several of our regulars coming in for the weekend, however some of our regulars won't be with us.  Kay Fletcher had a fall, was in the hospital  for several days, and while she's back at home she will be unable to be here.  Jackie Janovsky is still recooperating as well and Kathy Renard is on a cruise.  We've also lost a couple of the Pennsylvania crew and we will certainly miss everyone, but we will muster on.  Stasi and Debbie will be back to back us up so we feel better having them here.  Remember you don't have to be here to take advantage of the sale.  You can call in, email us, or text Sara and it starts Friday and goes thru Monday.  We look forward to seeing everyone or hearing from you.  We will, of course, have Super Bowl snacks here on Sunday.   

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