Friday, November 27, 2015

What a glorious Thanksgiving Weekend

  What you see in the 1st picture is the view from where I sit in Sea Trader.  There are people on the beach, and surfers are now getting ready to go in and  have some fun in the ocean.  There are people riding bikes on the boardwalk...a fabulous day to be alive and in Ocean City.  And the weather, OMG it simply could not be any nicer.  It's in the 60's and the sun is so bright it hurts your eyes.  People are out in t-shirts and shorts...and I have seen a flip flop of two walking by.  It's hard to believe it's the end of November with this weather going on, and last night I went to Sara's for dinner and it was so hot in her house they had the windows up.  This is definitely the perfect weekend for all the visitors in town.   The second picture is what I've been doing for some time.  Giving thanks for all my blessings, one of which was to finish Drawn Thread's, Give Thanks which I absolutely loved stitching.  Each basket or vase on the table is a different stitch and the flowers or fruits are also a different stitch.  While most stitches were familiar to me, there were a couple I had to learn, but directions are always fabulous with Drawn Thread so I was able to follow her illustrations perfectly.  I've been in full Christmas stitching mode and having so much fun with it.  In fact a little too much fun.  I've decided to keep a couple of the pieces for the shop and eventually for me,  so now I have to restitch a couple of the pieces, but they are just too much fun not to have myself. So I will be showing those to you later.  But it is the first Christmas in years where I feel I have my stitching in control.  Now the finishing...not so easy for me.  I got out the Baby Lock that Sara and Mary gave me for my birthday in June (I haven't touched it since June) and of course struggled at first since it was so different from my Bernina, but I'm learning.  Love this machine however because even though everything is a relearn, once I get what it is they are telling me to do in the instruction manual (and how I love having one of those...almost unheard of anymore)...I'm able to do it correctly.  I just have to learn to look things up first before forging ahead, like I did when I went to retread a bobbin.  After 2 missteps I finally decided perhaps I should read up on it.  Once I did that I got it right first time.  YEAH!!!!  Stasi Buhrman offered to show me how to use the automatic needle threader but I thought I had that as I thought I had actually done it just for laughs when I first got the machine.  In fact it was the only thing I did with the machine in June.    But this time I couldn't get it right so I ended up threading it by hand.  But I shall keep trying and if I don't have it by superbowl weekend I'll get Stasi involved.   Initially I had intended to get Carolyn involved with finishing (I think I mentioned this before) but she had the nerve to go on vacation (I'm sure she would have cancelled the vacation if she had known I needed her) and I won't see her before our Christmas Stitch 'n Bitch, so I have to finish everything myself.  Yikes!  Just a is now on winter hours, which means we are open 10-4 Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  And of course, everyone but Sara and I are off so we'll be here to greet you when you arrive.  So come on down! 

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Debbie Brotzman said...

Love this Drawn Thread piece. Nice job, Sally. Drawn Thread is my favorite. I have many many of her designs, but somehow I missed this one. It's very pretty.