Thursday, June 16, 2011

The sun has been shining...the temps are's a good day in the neighborhood

Despite yelling and screaming high school seniors, life is pretty good at this point in Salty Yarns, and Ocean City. I've gone 3 weeks without having a major medical issue....I've lost 15 pounds in the last 2 diabetes is under control and the levels have dropped drastically so much so that I don't have to go back to the doctor's for 3 months now (that's dropped from every 3 days, to once a week, to every 2 weeks) so I'm thrilled. In fact if I can get my ACL # down 2 more points I'll no longer be a type 2 diabetic....yeah for my team! Of course I have to now maintain the course, plus drop more poundage, but I'm on the right track...yeah!!! I'm also fitting in clothes I haven't worn in a while so I've got a whole new wardrobe. Things in town are noisy and the high school seniors are no less annoying, but we're half way through it and we still haven't maimed any of them, although Vernon did spray one who was peeing on the property, but that didn't threaten the kids life....just got him a little wet which seemed O.K., since he was getting our property wet. This morning it is deadly quiet since all the little assholes are now asleep after yelling and screaming the entire night. Lord, help us that these are the future of the United States. We are in serious trouble here, although with what our current representatives are doing I have to wonder if it could be any worse. Honestly, it's an embarrassment to us that we are represented in Washington by these complete jackasses. Well, I can tell you now, they don't represent me or my opinion...does that mean I don't have to pay taxes? That would be sweet, but from the notices on my desk from IRS I don't think that's possible. I don't know why I spend my time filling out and filing forms since they are constantly writing and threatening me if I don't send them duplicates of things I've already sent them. And my taxes pay these people? Well, don't get me started on that. I'm not pleased to report that the people in town obviously didn't read my tips on dressing last year as they are making the same mistakes. So before coming to Ocean City do yourself a favor. Check your clothes...and remember...just because you can fit in it doesn't mean you should wear it. Also ladies, if you are in your 40's, I dare say 30's or above....don't wear your daughter's clothes. Again, just because you can fit in it doesn't mean it's appropriate. There is no one sadder than a 40 year old woman dressing in a teenager's outfit. You look silly...I wouldn't lie to you. Dress appropriately. And really, don't ask too much of spandex. A woman walked by the other day in a spandex skirt and really was stretched so tightly I thought it would explode. And it rode up...because it was so tight....her cheeks were threatening to make an appearance (and I don't mean on her face). I was embarrassed for her and wondered why her friends didn't mention to her that she should donate that skirt to the nearest trashcan. That's another thing...give your friends a test to see if they will tell you when you look silly in an outfit. If they don't think you do or perfer you to look stupid so they look better...get new friends. Women need to be honest with each other. If your skirt is tucked in your underwear...we need to let each other know not let that woman walk outside to be humiliated. Now I have to say, last year a woman came in with bird crap dripping down her back, and I mean major bird crap. It must have been from a condor...I've never seen so much on one person. Anyway, after I noticed it I thought I should tell her, and yet, I couldn't find the right words so that she wouldn't be humiliated. I'm embarrassed that I let her go outside where others would be making fun of her. However, should she come in again this year...well I'm pulling her aside and handing her a paper towel. I'd want someone to do it for me, so now I'm going to do it for others. I won't however, tell you if you are dressing inappropriately. Then you will hear me just making noises and shaking my head while rolling my eyes. If you come in and see me doing this, check your outfit to make sure it isn't you I'm doing it to. While this crowd is definitely not "Salty Yarns" people, we've had a few old friends stop in while in town and they are always good to see again. With our move of yarns we've had a good response to our new and improved yarn department. And the girls in the shop are knitting up a storm. Even Renee who swore Crochet was her thing...hasn't crocheted a thing in over a year...she's a knitting fool. We also have 2 college girls who knit on staff part time and it's always great to see young people taking up the habit. I've been stitching up a storm as birthdays for others are flying by. I'm determined to stitch for others since everyone is always so wonderful to me stitching me gifts, etc. I've really enjoyed it even though June is a pressure month with Candi, Renee and Connie all celebrating this month. Candi had a double celebration as John finally asked her to marry him. Yes, our Candi is now engaged and he gave her a beautiful ring. We're all so excited. So I stitched the new Shepherd's Bush, Hold Hope, (Candi's favorite company) design for the beautiful box it's suppose to be put in and presented that to her along with a Pandora charm for her Trollbead bracelet. I stitched it thinking it would represent her holding hope for an engagement ring, so when I found out she got it before her birthday I decided instead of stitching the words Hold Hope I'd put the date and both their names on it so it would be a memory of their engagement. I loved stitching it (as I always do Shepherd's Bush designs) and the white box that goes with the design was so easy to use...putting the design in it. Usually I struggle with finishing but this was a no brainer even I managed to do. Winning project. Now I'm struggling with Renee's birthday gift. It's a good thing I have a couple of weeks almost to complete it. I'll need every day of it. Now that I'm feeling well, and I'm getting back to a normal routine I'm working on the catalog on the web site and I'll get more pictures to you. I still have to show you what Renee, Pat, Stasi Burhman and Debbie stitched for my birthday...beautiful. But in the meantime, I have to get to the bank before things start bouncing. So I'll just say have a great day....hope it's sunny and bright where you live. I hope you find plenty of time to stitch today.

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