Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oops....I made a boo boo

Call me delusional, or just plain stupid, but in the last blog I thanked Sandy Grignon and Tracy Doverspike for my "Fun Girl" goblet...oops, it should have been Thank You to Tracy Doverspike and Pat Podziomek for the painting and the goblet. I am so sorry Pat, please blame it on my age and my inability to do 2 things at the same time. I was closing out the retreat files and at the same time trying to thank everyone....clearly I'm too old for this. But it doesn't make the gift any less meaningful to me. And my orange juice still tastes great in the glass so I thank you Pat and Tracy once again for a great remembrance of spring retreat. I hope the rest of you are staying cool and dry in this unbearable heat. We were hovering around 90 today and that's just too hot for me. I'm staying cool though by never leaving the air conditioning. I've stayed at the hotel since I got sick so I really am only outside for a few seconds as I run to my room. But tomorrow night I start my night shift in Salty Yarns and I am planning to return home since the boys replaced my air conditioner and I should be cool and dry there. So if you are in town, stop on by...I'll be sitting behind the counter stitching or playing on the computer, or perhaps even ordering more know I love to do that.

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