Monday, June 6, 2011

Good Golly, What's Next?

Well, my intentions have gone to hell in a breadbasket yet once again, but I really do have a great excuse. As many of you know, this winter/spring has been my road to hell with medical issues. Now let me preface this with while I am obese, yes I've always admitted it, I've had a pretty smooth ride up until now. No major problems due to my fat issue. However, time is no longer on my side and this year I've had to start dealing with the crap of it! When I thought I had a sciatic nerve problem and ended up at the emergency room, it turned out the sciatic nerve problem was shingles taking a wild ride on my sciatic nerve. Luckily for me, a couple of weeks on the old pain killers and I was fine. However, since I didn't believe the doctor's at the medical center (nothing hurt to the touch) I went to my doctor who hadn't seen me since 2009. Therefore he wanted to know how my blood sugar was doing, etc., so I went in for blood tests. I knew this was going to be bad news as it was around Easter and I had finished off a bag of Chocolate covered peanut butter eggs. Well, the news was so bad I thought they were going to put me in the hospital, however, I promised to be good, go back on my meds and go back to his office every 3 days. Now when Spring Retreat hit I was doing numbers had come down...we weren't singing the Alleluia chorous yet, but we were on the way. I lost a few pounds and while that is a thimble of water out of the ocean it was a good sign. Shiela and Trudy gave me lots of info on diet and diabetic stuff while at the Spring Retreat and I knew I was going to beat this thing. Spring Retreat was such fun, but a flurry of activity and by the end I was a little run down and no longer the fun girl, regardless of the beautiful wine glass hand painted by Tracy Doverspike and Sandy Grignon who welcomed me into their "Fun Girl" group by presenting me with the goblet. You know, my diet soda tastes so much better in that glass! Anyway, that event was followed in 2 weeks by the Delaware Guild Retreat. By then I thought I was coming down with a cold (do you see where I'm going with this?), so I started taking my trusty NyQuil capsules. After 2 nights of popping those and feeling no better I thought I had perhaps the flu of some kind. Monday, May 30th, thank God we had someone who could take my schedule in the gift shop and I went home to lay on the sofa and veg out. Meanwhile Lauren Sauer's class was looming and I wasn't quite done (My goal of finishing last February definitely didn't happen) and I thought I'd take a nap, work on the class piece and pop more NyQuil. However, by Monday night I was contemplating a trip to the emergency room. The problem was I left my car at the hotel due to parking issues over a holiday weekend and I left my phone at the hotel. So as I laying on the sofa thinking, "oops, I'm too sick to walk back to the hotel, and no phone (I gave up my line land when Verizon accidently shut it off instead of my internet when I asked them disconnect it since their service was lousy) to call anyone for help...I'm apparently up the creek without a paddle." By Tuesday morning I knew I was in serious trouble and crawled out to the porch at 8:30 a.m. and flung my body into my new Mother's Day chair and just laid there waiting for Mary to come down the steps to work. I thankfully heard her door open and here she came with the children. One look at me and she knew there was a problem so my saying,"Mary I need help" really didn't have to be said. So everyone sprung into action and Sara was here quickly with my car to take me to my doctor who had been alerted that I was on my way. Needless to say I got right in and apparently it wasn't a cold but Bronchitis. I was thrilled we had put a name to it and thought, O.K., a little medication and I'm on my way. I moved into the hotel so Sara wouldn't have to run back and forth between my place and the hotel taking care of me and after a couple of days I was able to work on my class piece but Sara had gotten behind and she couldn't work on hers. So now I felt I had to get both finished...oh my! Working together Sara and I were able to attend the class and work on finishing our "Glastonbury Garden" and it was a delight. However, I'm hacking my way through the day which is not only annoying to me but anyone who is around me (can you imagine being in a class with someone hacking away). By the end of the day I'm exhausted from it and have been going to bed early and I've been told I'm not going to be done with the hacking for some time to come, so now I'm depressed about that. But optimistic that I'll eventually get over it. And the good news...on the Monday I came home from work to lay on the sofa I really didn't feel well enough to eat (that tells you how sick I was) and I was actually too sick to take on liquids as well which meant I also went off all my meds because I couldn't get them down. I didn't take on food or liquids for 2 days and in doing that managed to lose 10 pounds. So now I'm down about 30 or so pounds from January and that is a good thing. So anyway, that's whats going on down here. As I said we had Lauren's class this past weekend. Dana came down from New Jersey to join us and she really added some new fun to the group. Thanks Dana for taking the time...we love ya! The usual group was here, Debbie, Stacy, Bernadette, Beverlie, Jennifer, Linda, Candi, Sara and this year I joined the group. If you want a fabulous project...take this class. We learned so many new techniques and it was really not that hard and we came away with our dimensional pockets stitched together, our pin cube finished and one flat pocket attached. The class was easy going, Lauren helped everyone so no one fell behind and it was a joy to do. I cannot wait to get it finished. Debbie remained here after everyone else went home and she worked on hers all night. It's fun because Lauren is still here and sits with us in the lobby on Sunday nights each year and continues to help you do your finishing. I was in such pathetic shape by the end of each class Lauren took pity and would finish stitching whatever piece I happened to be working on. But this class comes very highly recommended. But make sure you take the class where it's going to be a pre-stitch because that way you are well on your way to having a finished piece before the class is over. Today we go back to normal as all classes and retreats are over until August. Sara and I are on our way to Michael's graduation today from 4th grade (who's brilliant idea was it to hold a 2 hour graduation from 4th grade?) I'm telling you this is a true act of grandmother love because I don't want to sit through 10 minutes of this, let alone 2 hours. I'm never going to get over this. When I was in school they ended school with the teachers giving you the "bum rush" out of the room yelling "Have a great summer!'s your reading list...your teacher next year will be Mrs. !@!@$ and we were out the door. I have to say what 4th grader wouldn't prefer that as opposed to sitting for 2 hours. And then he doesn't get to come home...the ceremony is at 9:30 a.m. and he still has to finish out the day at school. Apparently they are partying the day away. And then...he still has school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! Can you believe this? They have a different party every day. I'm telling you this is insane. I realize you have to be in school so many days a year, but to party...people...let the little people go home and go on the beach or where ever. I really can't say enough on this issue. It is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. I don't think Michael should have to participate, however, Sara has asked that I keep out of it so while I've expressed my opinion to anyone to will listen, I've tried to refrain from saying anything to Michael. He seems to be thrilled they are partying each day. So What the hell do I know? As for me...well, I'm going to be hacking through the event and praying they ask me to leave for the health of everyone in the room. (perhaps that was God's plan for me after all!) Have a great week people and in case you are in town....we are going on summer hours on Friday and I will be sitting in the shop at night from 4-9:45)


VegasJilly said...

the class sounds wonderful!

i hope you are feeling well soon!

sylvia shenk said...

Remember your health comes first. If you have to close Salty Yarns early because you don't feel good we understand.
Take are of yourself