Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Piles are dwindling......................

The piles in the house are dwindling, and my dining room is now almost back to normal...just 2 bags with framed stuff left, and then it's on to the hallway. I've unearthed some real treasures, in fact, I got my very first counted cross stitch piece back...I just love it, as much today as the day I stitched it. I remember so well that day. I had refused to bring counted cross stitch in the shop because I just hated stamped cross stitch and figured this was no different. Then the salesman came in on the 3rd year, didn't even show me any of the charts but I had seen a trend happening with more of these charts showing up with companies. So I asked to see Ginnie Thompson's charts one more time and ordered a small sampling of them. We got them in, I pulled this one piece and decided to try it and I was in love from the first stitch. I don't care that I now mainly stitch on linen, I absolutely love this first piece done on 14 ct. aida. Isn't it cute? And that folks, was the beginning of my love affair with counted cross stitch. And I love it as much today as I did then. In fact having to clean up the piles and taking away time from my stitching is annoying to me, but then I find a treasure like this and I know I must clean up more. I had to show you a picture of my Sara stitching away in the shop, yes she's working hard. She's now working on one of the Erica Michael gauze pieces because I was talking about my love of the gauze and now she is also in love with the gauze. I finished my gauze piece, and just in time, as St. Patrick's Day is celebrated this weekend in Ocean City. St. Patrick's Day was a treat to stitch. I've been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration so I know my days of stitching 40 ct. gauze are limited, so I savor my time spent stitching them. Isn't it fabulous? I finished stitching it and Friday in the shop was my "put it together" time. I got this finished in one of the Olde Colonial mini frames. Fabulous! I also finished Shepherd's Bush Irish Heart. This I put in an Olde Colonial mini banner. Originally this was going to be a pillow, but when I got into the shop I saw the mini banners and changed my mind (plus these tuckaways make for an easy finish...SCORE!) Two finishes in one I also finished the Pine Mountain, You're My Cup of Tea. Pine Mountain pieces are such fast and fun pieces that I love stitching one when I've spent time working on something that takes me more than a week or two to stitch. It's important that I see something finished weekly, or at least semi-weekly. So I slip Pine Mountain's in often to give me that satisfied feeling. Obviously easy since I also finished Enjoy the Ride and , Rain Rain and You're My Cup of Tea since Nashville. So cute! But small projects are not the only things I've been working on. I just love Cross Eyed Crickets new seasonal pieces. I've started with Summer since I feel certain I can get this finished before summer, and I'm half way finished so I'm sure I'll get it done. I'm also working on Red Bent Creek. This was a UFO I pulled out of my pile and I'm also half finished with that one. Of course because I finished all of my small pieces I get to add new smalls to my on-going projects. I still haven't picked one though, because this weekend I'm back to my Lauren Sauer class piece and I'm eyeballing another 40 ct. piece. Got to get all the 40 ct.'s done before my eye's go. SHOP NEWS: Renee came in the other day and brought in her annual for 2011. It's the Ripley Believe it or Not Building located on the Pier downtown. Isn't it wonderful? Renee does such a wonderful job with her annuals and they continue to be one of our most popular charts in the shop. I can't end this without saying something about the tragedies we are experiencing lately. First Lisa of Primitive Needle's death from the flooding. We had just spent time with her in Nashville (we love her Halloween designs), so to find that she was gone a week later was unthinkable. Then the flooding that is taken place around the Delaware River, homes being lost, lives changed, well it certainly makes me grateful for the life I have and the roof over my head. The the earthquake and the tsunami, honestly is the world coming to an end? Should we start building an ark? I don't know, but people grab your loved ones and let them know you love them, because tomorrow is not a guarantee. It's hard for me to believe all the turmoil since we aren't experiencing any of it here. We had rain on Thursday but nothing like the storms others are experiencing. We just had a little, 3" of rain. Friday and again this morning, the sun is shining and the ocean is sparkling. No indication of the destruction I am hearing about. But let me say, we are keeping everyone in our prayers and pray that all our peeps are O.K. I am so distracted by all this that we had our monthly Stitch 'n Bitch group meeting Tuesday night and I forgot to give the stitchers the gift I brought back for stitchers (since we now have Greg joining us I can no longer say ladies) you will get it at the April meeting (by then I'll really have forgotten it so someone please remind me.) Well, I've got to get ready for work (is it really work if you get to stitch most of the time?) Have a great day and we'll talk later.

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