Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just another day has turned into crap....

Before I tell you about my crap day let me tell you my good news. Got the word yesterday through e-mail that since 75% of respondents to the survey from TNNA (who sponsors Nashville market) state that Nashville is their favorite trade show so they have already announced that there will be a February market in Nashville next year...SCORE! I couldn't be more thrilled. Last year we didn't find out until July and I was panicing big time. Anyway, that's something for me to look forward to in 2012 already. As for Salty Yarns, we had our "Knit and Bitch" group meeting yesterday and as ususal I talked them to death. It is so much fun to meet and get my talk on....and see what everyone is stitching. Diane is stitching a dog coat that looks like it would fit a horse. Honestly, I can't imagine the size of this dog but I know one thing, I don't want to meet up with it in a dark alley. But with this beautiful red coat he should be warm and happy. It's an amazing project for her as she is really a relatively new Knitter. She made her grandson a sweater for Christmas...she is not daunted by any project and not content to start with a scarf or hat. Eleanor is moving on and started a hat yesterday on circular needles and she was so busy listening to us talk and talking herself she forgot to join the piece and ended up having to rip out and start over. Pat is up to her usual tricks...making unique projects. She finds all different kinds of yarn and stitches something with it. Always show stoppers and leaves you with the "how did she do that" question. We got in what we refer to as ruffle yarn last week. Pat came up and I showed it to her (I knew if I showed it to her she would just have to take a skein home and use it and I wasn't disappointed.) I knew she would knit with it right away but she broke all records by returning the next morning with the ruffled scarf finished. I meant to get a picture of Sara wearing it, but kept forgetting (what a surprise), but remembered yesterday to get Pat to model it. That's the length you get (she's wrapped on side over her shoulder) with just one skein. But I love the look. And Pat said it took her no more than 4 hours to knit it. So fast, and fun, and a scarf that would really dress up an outfit. We have the ribbon yarn in reds, purples, beige/brown, black/white so far. Back to Knit and Bitch, Renee is still working on her vest but she's almost finished I think. It's amazing to watch Renee working on her cables, scarves, tote bag, and now a vest. She was always a crochet worker and kept up her "I'm not knitting, I crochet." But Pat worked on her in the fall and the next thing I knew she had knit a scarf still saying, "I thought I should know how to at least knit but I'm still only going to crochet." I haven't seen her crochet since...she's a knitter who just can't admit it. I brought my knitting, I have 2 projects I'm currently working on and didn't pick up my needles. In my defense I did have a phone call every time I sat down, but also...I'm a talker (as so many of you know.) WEATHER UPDATE: Well, it was in the 50's today, but at night still goes down to the 30's. Everyone thinks it's going to reach 70 this weekend....I suspect we'll still be in the 50's because of the air by the ocean, but the skies are sunny and blue, the water is sparkling and it's so gorgeous to see it's hard to imagine what's happening in other parts of the world. Now for the crap of the day. On Monday I put through a rather large charge in Salty Yarns, the largest I remember ever having in a needlework shop. I was thrilled, already imagining the new stuff I could buy for the shop (forget about paying bills for God's sake, I want new.) Anyway, yesterday after getting home I received a call from the credit card company questioning the charge, which I knew to be good because I knew the family that placed the charge. But I had the paperwork on my desk at work so I told them I'd have to call them in the morning, even though today was suppose to be my one friggin day off this week. But this morning I trudged into work cussing and fuming and called the company back. You have never heard such bullshit in your life as I heard. Oops, I forgot my rep for the machine called me first and went over what they would be asking, and then said to call him if I needed him. So I called Karen and she wasn't in so some other jackass started the dialogue which only went down hill after saying, "Thank you for returning our call." Now, he wanted all kinds of information including what the charge was for. I realize with credit cards fraud certainly does come in to the conversation, however, I knew the family, I had every piece of information they would require and this jackass informs me that gift cards are for future and therefore he couldn't charge that. As for the 4 reservations for the retreat, well he couldn't charge that either. So he was taking the money and putting it back in the customer's account. After about 1/2 hour of going back and forth I told him to do whatever the hell he wanted and I'd contact the customer who could then call the company and yell at them. I mean, what the hell are the cards for? Anyway, I then called my sales rep and said, "Well, to say it didn't go well is an understatement." Kyle then said, "Let me handle this, I'll tell them they can put the charge back against me if anything goes wrong, because I know you and I know there will be no problem." While I said, O.K., I'm still fuming over this. I know the charge is going through but what is my point of getting all the information they require if they still don't let it go through. Boy, it's not like the credit card companies aren't making money...I know they lose some with fraud, but I'm pretty sure they are ahead of the game. And if the customer complained they could always withdraw it out of my account on their own. Honestly, today has been the pits...am I being Punked? Because I no sooner get done with the credit card company then I called my bank to speak with the loan officier as she hadn't called me back, for 2 days. Thank God I got her today, because she never retrieved her voice mails because as she said, "I am technology impaired...I don't know how to do it." Keep in mind this is my bank loan officier....I'm sure there are others wondering why they don't get call backs. Anyway, I asked that the money be dropped into my account and she said sure, fine and we hung up. Two hours later I get a call from the corporate headquarters telling me they have no idea what she's asked for. They don't have any record of me having a line of credit. (Is this April fools day.) Thank God I hadn't put my records in the attic yet (thank God I procrastinate) so I said I have last year's records right here and here's the note #. After giving him every number on that account he said fine the money would be there tomorrow and hung up. Then I thought what if he wasn't from the bank and I've now given him all my banking information along with my federal I.D. So now I call the rep at the bank I use to deal with and told her what was happening. She said, "let me look into it and next time...call me and I'll deal with this for you, even though it's not suppose to work that way anymore. We just won't tell anyone." So she just called me back to let me know the money is there, and it was the corporate headquarters I had been speaking with. So in the end both crap piles were taken care of in my favor, but honestly, life shouldn't be this hard, especially for a 63 year old woman. I've spent the major part of this day ... my day off...dealing with issues. Sara and her family have been at Great Wolf for the week and don't think I didn't call her to let her know what crap I've had to deal with while she's been away. I'm sure she's looking forward to coming home now. Anyway, the day is still gorgeous, and I'm leaving to pick up Solomon so things are getting brighter. I hope you haven't had to deal with any idiots and that you are able to enjoy this day. By the way, I should be done with "Summer" by Cricket tonight and I'll try to get it up on the blog tomorrow.

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