Friday, February 18, 2011

We're here...................................................

That's right stitchers, we have entered the hallow halls of the Embassy Suites hotel in Franklin, TN., and we're thrilled. We left Ocean City on Tuesday morning after getting Michael to school, and getting my car packed. Little Solomon came down Monday night and just pouted because he asked if he could go on the "road trip" with me. He kept saying "Nana, I want to go on a road trip." Honestly, Sara is lucky Mary intervened or I swear we'd have been taking the little tiker with us. Anyway, we arrived, without Solomon, on Wednesday afternoon, tired and worn out from the drive, but thrilled to be here finally, and thrilled to have good news about our Staci Buhrman who came through her surgery with flying colors. Yes it was a good day for us all! I also got an e-mail from Shiela letting me know she was fine, although she had caught pneumonia while in the hospital. (a hospital is no place for the ill). Both ladies are going to be fine...thank God! So we felt we had plenty to celebrate and we started off our stay with a drink. The show doesn't actually start until Saturday; well, there are classes on Friday but we no longer participate in those so for us it's Saturday. We ran into Ellen Chester on Wednesday as she arrived at the same time as we did. I was thrilled as she has one of the items we were dying to get and they are in short supply. In fact, she's already sold out ... and we got some...whoppee! We ended up staying in and ordering room service and I have to say, this place sure knows how to cook a steak. It was done to perfection. Oh, my I forgot to mention that on the way down I worked on a Pine Mountain kit as I couldn't just sit there in a car for 2 days doing nothing, and my goal was to finish one on the way down and one on the way back. Apparently I fell short of my goal since I couldn't stay awake but when we got to Franklin I made myself finish the little pillow. I still have to put the beads on for the eyes, but was thrilled that this was finished as my Lauren Sauer piece is the piece I really want to work on and get done. But in the spirit of Debbie Liming, I brought multiple projects just in case I got bored. Remember, I have the attention span of a I have to have lots of toys and playthings. My latest love is the Cricket Collection Summer piece. I'm loving working on it and I brought all the supplies to start that. I also brought 2 Shepherd's Bush pieces, and a few other little kits that I could work on between the bigger pieces. I may need to stay here for a month to get this stuff done, a month...I may have to stay the entire year! Anyway, Sara and I have had a lot of fun, eating, stitching, napping, eating, stitching and now I've the computer hooked up and that will come into play. While we were checking in at the TNNA table today we heard Thread Gatherer and Little by Little were cancelling and when I said something to the ladies they said they had 3 other cancellations. Oh, My, that doesn't bode well does it. I'm so afraid they are going to cancel this show I don't know what to do. That is the threat and we didn't find out until July 2010 that this show was going forward so I'll have to wait until summer to see if they are going to do another one next year. Like I don't have enough to worry about as it is. Damn! So I'm going to really enjoy this years show and some of the vendors have already said we could come by and pick up our pre-orders early so I'm also excited about that. Sara and I will be off and running tonight to get in as many rooms as time allows. Well, it's time to run down to pick up Ellen Chester's newest items. I'll check in later.

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