Friday, February 25, 2011

Good Golly, what a mess...........................

I have caos at home and caos in Salty Yarns...well, on the home front I've managed to get through some of the cartons, but the house looks like the homes on the T.V. show "hoarders" and it's driving me crazy. I'd have been better off if Mary had just thrown everything in the trash and just told me they still were packed up in her place. I'd never know. This job is never ending and all I see is stuff sitting on every table and every chair waiting for me to find it a home. I've managed to throw out some of the old craft crap, I mean really, am I ever going to do folk painting again? I think not, so I chunked the books, wood pieces, paint, etc., that went with that. Next! I can't let go of the miniatures that I've collected for my Dollhouse (which Mary must have tossed out, a gorgeous Houseworks dollhouse purchased back almost 30 years ago for over $300. Rob worked tirelessly on it and had the exterior done, it was wired for a door bell, electric, and the chimney smoked. A lot of work went into that so while the dollhouse itself didn't come down (or maybe I just haven't unearthed it yet although it's really big so I think I'd have noticed it), my minature collection did find it's way down and I just can't throw it out. Some of these pieces are really expensive, so I've given them a new home, under Michael's bed, but when I went to put it under there something was already there...apparently I ran out of room for clothes so I had put them in one of those bags you suck the air out and shoved them under there. It's getting a little crowded under there but who cares, it's out of the dining room. But the floss, and fabric that came down. Oh, my I need more storage people! And yet I still have to go buy fabric for different projects and I'm always taking floss from the shop. This job is never ending...and then I go to work where we also have a mess as we are still putting away Nashville stuff. This also feels neverending. For 2 days we have been pricing and putting up on racks and we're still not done. My mood is starting to turn sour...although Cynthia and Crystal arrived this afternoon for a weekend retreat so that provided Sara and I with some comic relief. Those two girls are fun to be around...and they pick really interesting projects to work on so it's always fun to watch what they are doing. While the weather is pleasant enough, today got into the 60's, the wind will blow you away which makes it feel cooler and we had a torrential downpour just before we closed the shop. The wind is still blowing, but the rain has now stopped and it is glorious out.

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