Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just Shoot Me already!

I'm telling you, my frustration with people is getting into overload territory. First, of all...if you haven't stayed with us for upteen years nor do you shop in the shops, then I beg you don't come by to say hello while I'm working. It's happened for the past 2 nights. For some reason these women are not happy unless they have come into the shop to tell me hi, how long it's been since they last stayed at the hotel...probably 20 years, drag out their pictures of their grandchildren and then tell what has happened in their lives for the last 20 years. I DON"T GIVE A DAMN...and then to add insult to injury they get in the way of the stitchers trying to get their supplies. Honestly, if I have to speak to one more person who doesn't stitch I swear I'm going to hit them...sock them...oh, hell I'm carrying the taser and doing what anyone else would do....I'm putting them down! I think perhaps I'm becoming unbalanced...due to age perhaps, or perhaps lack of sleep...hell I can't even blame the high school seniors this week.. crap and I love to blame them for everything. O.K., my day has gotten increasingly better. The girls are insisting that I start taking naps again for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Apparently they feel that lack of sleep is making me cranky. So today, I went into one of the apartments, in which Sara had already turned on the a/c in anticipation of my arrival, and took the prerequisite nap. I did feel better when I emerged to work the shop. I felt refreshed and ready to take on any asshole who might find the shop. Sara served my favorite summer dinner...corn on the cob and tomatoes (at least that's all I eat), and I was in hog heaven. At least I was until the corn and tomatoes collided in my stomach and the run to the bathroom began, but even that didn't get me down. I've come to expect that marathon. So I'm sitting here thinking that I might just get through the evening with a smile on my face when she walked in, looked around and said, "Do you sell curtains?" People...I'm a needlework you see a curtain? Do you see fabric? What the hell is wrong with you? While I find her and the jackass FedEx delivery person hard to take, I've still got a smile on my face and I'm still pleasant..well as pleasant as I ever get. Now about the Fedex jackass. First he never come in that he hasn't knocked over something...the last time he broken a display and he always just looks at us and says, "sorry" like my children use to when they so weren't sorry. But today he comes in and the foreign student comes to me and says, "There is someone with boxes to deliver" so I look behind her and there is the jackass. I give him my "you asshole" look and he says, "I just wanted to see if you were open." It's summer asshole...take a guess! It wasn't raining, it was sunny and bright...if we're not open now when are we going to be open. So I said, "Obviously we are open." Then he loads up his hand truck and tries once more to break a display however, I've got his number and I stand in front of the display so he can't. But somehow he managed to knock stuff over and break one of the pegs off a thread big deal there, but it's like he has no personal responsibility. Jackass...How the hell did this guy get a job delivering anything. When he realized he wasn't going to get the handtruck around the display he just dropped it...and then asked "did anything break"...who knows what broke in the 5 cartons that had "Fragile" written on each one.'s beyond me. I haven't had my nap today since IRS and Md. State Comptrollers office was playing ping pong with me..literally for at least 4 hours. IRS and I have been fighting over the same issue since April 2008. I've been in contact with the State Comprollers office who says IRS doesn't know what they're talking about and the State was not going to entertain their request. Finally IRS put a lien on my Bank account (oh, my God!!!!) so of course now I'm fighting mad. I got a supervisor today with the state and told her I was caught inbetween a "pissing" contest and I was getting burned and someone needed to stop and consider me. She found 6 different numbers which I was suppose to call to try to resolve this issue since she also said IRS has nothing to do with State (I willing to agree now someone call IRS and tell them! I finally called Donald, who of course was out of his office but I left word with him knowing I'd never hear from him...and imagine my surprise when 15 minutes he called back, said he understood what I was asking for and would see that I got it in the next couple of days. O.K. it took 4 hours but I might be progressing after 15 months of correspondence and phone calls. I'll let you know...meanwhile I've got a $9000 lien again my bank account. Yeah, I'm just having the best week ever. I did take my pictures over to the framers today and I was exceptionally pleased with that trip. Can't wait to get them back and show you. I finished my time on Candi's piece and have gone back to stitching on mine. I'm almost done with the Rose Sampler pouch and will then go back to my beloved stockings. I've got one more of the April stockings and then will begin on May's. I still love them, I just got a bit behind. As more charts are coming in, I'm losing focus...they are like shiny objects beckoning to me and I am having a really hard time resisting the new stuff. Thankfully Shiela F. and Trudy E. sent me the cutest tote so I've got a new tote to load up....that should take me about 15 minutes. Thanks Girls...Love it! Debbie B. and Dina have been in every night since they arrived on Saturday...searching and searching for that special something. They are purchasing one thing every day instead of starting a bag and paying at the end. It makes it seem like they are spending less (anything we can do to fool ourselves and our husbands is O.K.). It's so good to see true stitchers...Thank you God...

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