Friday, June 19, 2009

I had a dream......

Yes, I actually thought today was going to be a very productive day. I walked out of the house and it was sunny, bright, and cool, although promising to be hotter. I just knew things were looking up. I also knew today was a day where I would only be working in the shop for me today (which considering my attitude was probably a good thing.) So I sat at my desk and decided today was the day...clean it off day...but then I went through the mail Mary dumped off and there were 3 I picked up the most important one...People ... and began reading. Well by the time I got done reading it cover to cover plus ads (anything to waste time) it was lunch time. So we ordered out and then lunch took another hour...yes I was moving at a snail's pace. Sara looked at me at one point and said, "I thought you were going to get work done?" Traitor...she's suppose to cover for me. But after lunch I decided to get down to business...but then I realized I forgot to order new croc sandals so of course I had to do that immediately, the old ones were so loose I kept tripping when wearing them. But the minute that was done I was back on track, until I read my e-mails and remembered I was suppose to be finding something on the internet. I did get more of the Jamboree brochures printed so they will be going out this week...I'm thinking tomorrow will be the day I get all the work done. My computer is trying to die on me and I'm now forced to use that little button to move the cursor and I hate that. I'm a mouse girl, so that's slowing things up considerably. I did get 2 checks printed and I got the junk mail thrown away, but that's been my progress. Because then I had a class I was required to take, regarding the proper use of fire extinquishers for our Osha problem. The lady came down from Baltimore and we (all management other words, Sara, Vernon, Mary, Brian and yours truly) gathered in one of the apartments, watched the video and then took a test. I made sure I sat near enough to the table to see what the questions were so I was well prepared to answer any and all questions. Can't understand how I still got some wrong...but since we graded our own of course, no one failed. Sara had the nerve to write that she got 10/10...when I saw her erasing more than once when the answers were being read. I didn't give them any count on my answers...I mean really what's the point. So we all passed and are now able to use a fire extinquisher...although I've used one in the past, now I can really use one correctly...that is if I can remember what she said. I am 61 after really can't expect much out of me. My brain cells are fried, and it isn't helping that I'm dealing with some complete idiots down here. Notice I said some...I don't want to give the impression that everyone is an idiot...because that's not the case...I think it's everyone I don't know is an idiot. I'm just thankful I'm not in the shop for the next 2 days and can get over the trials of putting up with cell phone users and gum smackers. Honestly I had to listen to some innane cell phone conversation from some woman who had no volume control for her mouth. I don't care where you stood...all you could hear was her talking to her daughter who apparently had the good sense to stay home in the city and not come here with her mother, although by what her mother was saying to her apparently she didn't have the sense to come in out of the rain. My God, I had to hear what her mother left her to eat, messages regarding the pets, the next door neighbor...why the hell did the woman leave home. What in God's name did these people do before there were cell phones? Crap, as everyone knows...I rarely even answer mine. If I don't recognize the number you don't stand a chance in hell of me picking it up. I believe I've gotten a bit off track.... anyway, after the class it was 4:00p.m. so I thought, O.K. now I'll really sit down and get some work done. But now my mouse wouldn't work and I hate using that little button in the now it's taking much longer and I'm not enjoying this at all, so I went to the front hotel computer and played games...there was simply no choice. Then it was dinner, so I turned my computer off hoping that when it rebooted it would have healed itself. After taking as long as I could for dinner I returned to really get some work done. The problem still exists, so now I'm blogging, but I swear tomorrow is the day. I'm bringing my lap top from home...I'm going to load the necessary programs into it and be back in business. In the's just too labor intensive to work on this computer so I'll talk to you tomorrow. Have a great weekend...and don't forget it's Father's Day on Sunday.


Dawn said...

Not about your post but....check out mine ~ ~ HUGS,

Carla said...

When we lived in Maryland, we rented a condo in Ocean City every summer. One of my favorite places in town was Salty Yarns. I stopped in there as often as we were in town. I have the Renee Greene Ocean City samplers for each year we were there. I loved your shop.

However, after reading your "newsletter", which is really a rant full of cuss words and complaints, and seeing what you really think of your customers and their inquiries, I think I can safely say that I will never visit your shop again. You want people to buy your stuff? Then I suggest you don't insult them in a public forum.