Sunday, September 1, 2019

Scary Apothecary Series Done!! Have a Wonderful Labor Day Weekend...

Yes, Scary Apothecary by Hands on Design is done and I couldn't be happier and more proud that I plowed through and did all nine designs (I've started many  series and I don't think I've ever completely finished one, so this is a personal accomplishment.)  Wouldn't you know, While thinking I was on the final push on Cackle, I found I made a counting error and had to frog the word Cackle...ugh.  I found it amusing that this one piece was the one chart of the entire project that had a frog on it.  I refused to go to sleep until I had finished it, but by 2:30am said screw it and finished the final stitches this morning  I also decided to switch out the green cording I hung the designs on originally for display.  I took a second look at the Halloween Garland I purchased last year from Michaels or Hobby Lobby, and after attaching one Sara and I both decided it was the perfect ending.  So the final design, Cackle Lozenges,  is complete, shown below along with the previous 8 which are already on the Halloween garland, shown 2nd.

Today I hope to start and finish September-Year of Celebration.   While I'm disappointed I didn't get anything, other than the small Year of Celebration done for September specifically, I'm going to definitely be ready for Halloween.   Now I can get on with my challenge project and the Brenda Gervais Halloween pieces, oh, yes I can't forget the Sampler Santa which I started a month ago.  Well, now I'm ready to proceed.  Since Labor Day marks the end of summer for us, I took time to reflect on my summer.  2019 summer has been my best ever since I was given so much time off.  In fact even as we go into Labor Day weekend I'm only on the schedule for 1 day...Saturday.  So thank you, Sara, for giving me so much time off, especially since I was disabled due to the broken ankle from February and only got the boot off at the end of April which meant I wasn't working at all during the months I'm on the schedule 4 days a week.  I promise to be more careful starting after Thanksgiving when we go on Winter schedule.    Yes, this summer was the best time ever!  We are also having the best Labor Day weather this year than I can remember having the last few years.  Not a rain cloud in sight and the temps are in the high 70's, low 80's and although the humidity is high, I've turned off my a/c and I'm using just a fan.  It's heavenly and the crowds (it's crowded down here as hotels are booked solid) are relatively quiet.  Last night, Saturday night, you could hear a pin drop after whooping and hollering going on which is almost unheard of on holiday weekends.  And of course, tomorrow it will be a ghost town until the following Thursday when the town fills up again, and of course, we have Jackie coming for classes so we will be working it.  By the way, in case you haven't seen the notice, we've gone to winter hours, open 10-4 although we are still open 7 days until Thanksgiving and then we go to 4 days.  95% of our foreign staff have returned to their home countries and the few remaining at this point will be leaving soon, so Sara decided to close at night (I'm not sure if this is a lack of employees or Sara's need to get some rest, but since we're dealing with the passing away of a close cousin, it's been tough this week and will be tough next week so I think she needs some break to deal with it.)  I feel guilty talking about our lovely Labor Day when so many of you are suffering from the anticipation as well as what comes before and after hurricanes.  I'm keeping all in my prayers and since I've lived through many I do know what you are dealing with. Stay strong, stay indoors and if you can leave, perhaps you should.  Better be safe than sorry.  Don't forget to take your stitching with you.  

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Debbie B said...

Love the Scary Apothecary on the garland. It looks great! I have Sampler Santa on my list for this year, but haven't started it yet. Hoping to finish Season's by the Sea first. I'm on the last one.