Friday, July 19, 2019

Sara sent me a text 2 days ago alerting me to the possibility I was going back on the schedule as one of our employees has to have some time off for a family issue.  I really don't mind because I haven't worked since the Betsy Morgan class in June and have enjoyed my privilege of staying home and stitching all day and night, with the exception of 3 hours in the afternoon when my Izi comes over to visit and play games.  I'm so glad he's taking a break from the You Tube video's with Dan playing games...I kept falling asleep during those things and kept trying to get Izi to play a game.  Since they are tech games he wins every time without even trying.  But it does keep me awake.  As for my stitching....well I'm still in the sailing ship hell I've been in for 2 months...yes 2 months and I'm still here.  Of course I only work on it a couple of days per month so that could have something to do with the lack of progress, but  I'm working on it today and I've got 3 smaller sails left to do and then I'm done with the sails.  I'm hoping to get them done today and hope to never see a sailboat again.  I got the threads and linen ready to go on Year of Celebration-August...can't believe I'm still stitching this series as I don't think I've eve gotten through an entire series before, so I'm excited.  And Brenda Gervais just posted her next releases which include the next Holiday Hoopla...we know I'm going to do that.  But she posted sever
al more projects and I think I'm going to end up stitching all of them.  One of them on 20 ct. over 2, "Gone Batty"

(I've already done the other 2 in the series so I think Sara may talk me into doing latest release for Halloween  Over a year ago, Stasi Buhrman gave me a frame with chicken wire in it  and said  "I'm curious to see what you can do with this frame."  I've had a few charts in the crosshairs but never committed and I think it was my inner self telling me to wait, because the perfect piece was coming.
I think "Hickety Pickety" will be perfect so I'm sure this is also going in my todo bag.  
And the next one which I dearly love as well is 
"Boo to You", I just love a pumpkin head character.  Don't know what I'm doing with it, but I'm doing it.  So cute!  And the final release I'm also probably going to do is "L. Genders~1875"  I love a roll up and I like alphabets, so this is a marriage made in heaven, don't you think.  
Anyway, they aren't in the shop yet but coming soon, so in the meantime, I have plenty to keep me busy until they arrive.  I know we are dealing with extreme heat, so stay in the a/c and get your stitch on. 
 UPDATE: Sara called to say she got the shifts covered so once again I'm not working this week, and I got the sails done last night.  The block isn't done obviously, but at least the sails themselves are.    But before I sign off I wanted to let you see my progress on Shores of Hawk Run and the Sampler Santa which I work on a little every week...
I'm really embarrassed at my lack of progress on Shores of Hawk Run (remember I started this years ago and put it away, pulled it out in June and I've done nothing but work on the sailing ship block which hopefully I'll finish this weekend-but at least the sails are done.)  This is the challenge piece which I have to show progress on by October or have to pay Jan $25.00.  

 This is the Sampler Santa which is being stitched on 20 ct. linen over 2 so he's going to be a big one.  I'm more excited about this, but forcing myself to stitch a couple of days on Shores before I can go back to this one.  But a couple of days next week and then I have to take a break to get August Year of celebration done.  My, My, my days are filled with stitching.  
Have a great weekend, and I hope your days may be filled with stitching as well.  Stay cool and hydrated.  Talk to you soon.

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