Sunday, July 28, 2019

OMG....I don't know how anyone is standing this heat....

but I'm O.K., so far, since I rarely leave my apartment.  I go into the office once a week to pay bills, etc., and then I scoot home and don't reappear until the following Friday.  So I was thrilled when I got home and knew I was not going out in the 90 degree heat again!  And then I got the text from Sara, that not only is Judy out, due to her brother's death, but now Vickie, who works Sea Trader, is in the hospital for a few days, so I've been called in to work 3 days in Sea Trader (ugh)!  I'm ready since I kitted up a couple of quick stitches when I thought I was going to go on the schedule last week, because of Judy's time off, but was so thrilled then when I got the news that Sara was able to work around that I stitched those two projects already, but Vickie in the hospital has put me back on the schedule, so I'll have to kit up something before I go.   I won't complain since the girls have managed to keep me out of their hair, and off the schedule, since the Betsy Morgan class.  (I'm really not sure if keeping me home is a gift to me or a gift to them...but I don't care I love it.) Anyway, I'm back in action.  On the stitching front, I am still working on the Shores of Hawk Run Hollow (I know that's a shocker)....since it's the weekend, but this past week I was able to complete two new pieces for the shop.  First up..."Needle and Thread"  from Heart in Hand.  This was designed to rest in their Heartware bowls, but of course, I decided to stitch it over one and then finish it on the top of the metal boxes, which have become my obsession, since I did the first one.  Now I'm trying to do one monthly...and I really love finding the right pattern to stitch and who doesn't love an easy finish.   I love the hunt of finding the ribbon, or in this case, twill tape to wrap the box and then a charm or button to attach.  I have fun going through my boxes of "stuff" and discovering what I feel will be the perfect piece.   I used the color fabric they recommend, only changed from 32 to 28 ct. in order to fit better on the box,  and used the fibers recommended, although I did change out the red fiber which was CC Barn Red and used WDW Louisiana Hot Sauce as it showed up better, for me.  I stitched first with the Barn Red, but my skein matched in darkness to the green at the top of the tomato that you could barely distinquish where the leaves left off and the red started, so I switched to a brighter red.  I used the tiny rick rack from Lady Dot and wrapped the box with Lady Dot Vintage Ruler Twill Tape.  Then I glued a silver spool on the front cover where the two ends of the ribbon come together. Perfect gift for a stitcher when stuffed with needles, pins, thimble, small pair of scissors, spool of thread, etc.  Then after emptying it the stitcher can use it as an ort collector.  Total time from start to finish-3 days tops....others have taken 2 days, so it's a quick stitch and easy finish.  (Secret Santa gifts)

Then, of course, since August hits next week I spent a couple of days getting my Year of Celebration-August from Hands on Design done.  8 months down, I can say without a doubt I will be stitching all 12 months.  I really enjoy these fast stitches and again, trying to figure out how I can add a little something to make it pop.  I stitched on 32 ct. PTP Pampas linen.  The green is so pretty and the overdyed look was perfect for August and the fibers really worked well with the linen.  I did use the colors shown, however (and you knew there was going to be a however) I did use black beads for the ant's body.  I stitched the legs as shown, but then attached 3 beads for the body.  Not a big difference, but they do now pop off the linen just a little bit more.  I also used WDW s Collard wool as the backing to compliment the green linen.  Such fun and again a 2 or 3 day project.  
So now I'll spend a couple of days on Shores of Hawk Run before I find the next project to start, although I've been eyeing up the Halloween banners from Hands on Design, I've got the Sampler Santa started, Blackberry Snowman is 3/4 done, and I'm thinking about Erica Michael's stitching strawberry.  Choices, too many, not enough time.  Then Sara asked if I could help one of the designers out by stitching a piece which I would then return to the designer and she's assemble it for a class here.  Since this has to be done first, I will be doing that first as soon as Sara has the Gloriana for it.  Apparently Sara is still mulling it over...ugh...I need it ASAP or I'll panic.  In any case I can't reveal that so I'll just mention it in passing.   Anyway, my plate is full so how's your stitching coming along?  Hope you are getting something done....I'll keep you posted on my to you soon.  Have a great week!

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Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

Your week sounds busy with work!! Stay safe in this summer heat since you need to be out in it a bit. Love all your fun stitches, your finishes are a treat for the eye!!