Tuesday, July 24, 2018

OMG...I'm all about the Needlepoint right now

I was discussing with Sara the possibility of making Ashley Dillon's Halloween March my shop project ( needlepoint) as I've got the stitch guide for it and fibers already gathered together, and then she gets in Ashley's Beach March and it looks like Halloween March and Thanksgiving March may have to go on the back burner since Beach is too darn cute and of course perfect for Salty Yarns.  But all of her canvases are just what I love so it really is a hard decision.
Beach March will be daunting because I won't have the stitch guide, but I'm willing to throw all caution to the wind and figure out stitches to use on my own.  And yet while I was having this argument with myself over which one of these to do, Deux Bijoux Bijoux arrived yesterday.   OMG...The trays are to dye for and so well made and painted, and the canvases they show in them are perfection.  So now I'm fighting over what to start with. Tray or March...the mind battle will go on, however I need Sara to put whatever I choose on stretcher frames and when I mentioned her eyes started to roll to the back of her head so I moved on.

Nagging always helps but in the meantime as I was looking at new stuff I realized I loved the way Beth put the Festive Little Fobs charts into a 100 x 100 chart.  So instead of stitching them individually, I'm stitching them altogether.  And because, with the wind and rain outside, very few are walking and Kathy is in Salty Yarns pricing things so I'm in Sea Trader blogging,etc but have pulled all the fibers etc. for this and will spend the rest of the shift stitching.  Obviously I find this more fun that working on the project I brought with me which I started over a month ago and only put about 10 stitches in it.  The Festive Fob design works into August's theme better, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!  Sara's eyeballs just rolled again I'm sure.


Stasi said...

Those are all adorable so I can see it's a tough decision--I will await your choice!!!

Sally Rutka said...

Hi Stasi, I was hoping for a little more guidance than that. This is like choosing a favorite child (well not exactly but I think you see where I'm going). I think the next time I work I'm making the choice. When I ask Sara she names all the canvases I've asked her to purchase for the shop but not one specific. But if I'm going to do it I need to do it soon. It takes me much longer to finish a needlepoint project.