Thursday, May 10, 2018

No work in sight!!!!

Sara has given me unlimited days off as she trains new people.....and I can't say I'm sad about that but I'm like a kid in a candy store, I just can't settle down and do one thing, I'm starting something, then 15 minutes later think of something else I'd rather do, (Obviously since I'm now writing the blog, when I'm suppose to be cleaning)  But at least I have started something constructive.  So far this week I started organizing and cleaning up the house.  The worst room, where I just dump stuff, is my beautiful sewing room which isn't so beautiful at the moment.  Now instead of just picking up and putting stuff away, I've decided to really organize the room.  First I'm getting all charts, kits, etc., on a spread sheet (or dozens of spread sheets) on the computer.  I'm weeding out and getting duplicates out (I had 3 charts of the same design so I know I loved it) and so far I have one shelf completely done and one chair with everything out of it and put away.  Yea!!!!   Threads out of chart packs which I had planned to stitch years ago, but never got around to it and yet I left the overdyed threads in there for some reason.  And since events are over I can now straighten up my work table, where I do everything, but again, when I bring something stitching related I dump it on this table.  So before I can do anything I have to clean it off and at the time I'm just shoving things to other spots, not really puttng it away.  Well no more, I've started the process in cleaning up and organizing and hopefully I'll finish it.  I'm only working on the room for approx. 2 hrs per day and then I get to do anything I stitch.  And I've started a project, Plum Street Sampler's,  Noah's Christmas Ark I, which I am loving. 

The first chart is for the Crocodiles and Giraffes and each of these sees to take approx 2  or 2 1/2 days to stitch.  I'm on the giraffes and then will move on to the second set of charts.  I think she's already published 2 charts at this point so I have time to catch up.    I've also pulled together the threads etc., I need for Blackberry Lanes,  The Freedom Tree.  

As soon as I have the first set of ornaments for the Noah's Ark tree stitched, I'm starting Freedom Tree in hopes of having it done by July 4th.  I have the 32 ct. PTP Dapple linen all ready to go along with the beads for the garland, but haven't pulled the DMC yet.  Perhaps today.  I should be able to start this by tomorrow night.  Love a new start.  Well thought I'd just check in now that I'm rested up from last weekend's Spring Retreat.  Wow, it was wonderful but exhausting for me.  I'm just getting too old for this stuff...staying at work until 9 or 9:30 p.m, especially when there was no rest between the 3 retreats in a row.   Yes, I've reached the age where anything past 6 p.m does me in.  But the stitchers were fabulous and this year we had 2 men join us with their wives and they too were fun and charming.  So, any man who will pick up a needle and stitch is certain welcome to join us.  And thanks to all this years participants.  I loved seeing the regulars and loved meeting the new stitchers joining us.  And Shirley, new to the event,  decided to try stitching on the larger counts, 18 and 20 and found she enjoyed it so much she's now a convert.  She had been struggling with the 28 and 32, but her love of the stitch was elevated when she saw how easy she could see the larger count and she's hooked.  As many of you know I'm usually always working a larger count piece along with my smaller counts.  I love it as well.  Anyway, have to get back to the clean up, never know when Sara is going to call me in.  Have a great day and keep those needles moving stitchers.


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