Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Can't believe Spring Retreat time is here.....

Wow, Spring Retreat starts this week with some of the attendees arriving today, Tuesday,May 1st.  This is 3 events back to back...I'm getting too old for this much activity.  Last week I had 3 days off leading into the event, but this week I've only got 1 day off so what out people, I may be totally off my rocker by Sunday.  But tonight I'm scheduled to do cookies, and tags were started a few days ago, so hopefully I'll be ready.  I have one more model to finish stitching and I have a total of 2 to put together and then I will be truly ready for the weekend.  I did have a couple of finishes last weekend.


O.K. This isn't my work, this is the latest 2018 Annual from Greeneframe.  So cute, and while we have always had clocks on the boardwalk (in fact one right on 9th st.) they used to be given to the city by Esskay as an advertisement.  Renee has been doing these Annuals for  over 20 years and they are a wonderful souvenir of your time in Ocean City.  Now as far as my work goes, 

This is Aileana designed by Cherished Stitches.  She's a limited edition pin cushion doll who stands around 2-2 1/2" tall.  I've always loved miniatures and so this was right in my wheel house.  Just 2 nights stitching at most and the finishing isn't that difficult.  However, the doll that comes in the kit is completely white which threw me off, so I decided to put a little paint on the doll to make her come alive a little.  Because of that I didn't make the hat that you see on the cover photo because I gave her hair.  But painting her or leaving her as she comes it's still so dear and a great addition to my pin cushion collection.  Aileana also has a sister in purple called Avriel for those who like purple better than green.  These are limited editions so if you think you want one, you better get it sooner rather than later.  Everything comes in the kit for $27.00.  Next up is another limited edition from Cherished Stitches, 

It's called "Sampler Pin Cushion and comes as a complete kit with the linen, fiber, wool for top and bottom, chart and complete directions for assembly.  Stitching takes about one night and assembly is relatively easy as I've done several drum pin cushions which is what this is.  And now I'm working on another limited edition piece from Cherished Stitches, actually the stitching is finished and now I have to do the assembly, hopefully before Friday. 

And Judy brought in several pieces finished from JBW Designs, Seaside  Series I, II, and III and I just loved her display.  

In the back of the display is her Winsome Whale from Artful cute.   Judy did a wonderful job on finishing each piece and added a twine cording to each piece...just perfect.   Such a cool way to display a collection for summer.   Well, that's what's happening in our shop as we scramble to get things ready for another wonderful weekend full of stitchers.  Sara's got the Lasagna's all done and in the freezer, along with a few appetizers she could make ahead of time.  Today's she's making a run to Sam's Club to get supplies for the rest of the food she presents.  Mary is getting the hotel back together after last weeks's retreat and the boys are still busy fixing and painting.  I have the least to do, which is only right..right?  I have the cookies, which I have two more  batches to do tonight and they are done, and the bag tags which will be done tonight as well.  I do these in batches and have so much fun coming up with a different tag idea than any tag I've done before.     I still have models to get assembled and a couple to stitch period but I'm also working in the shop this week so not sure how much stitching I can get done, but I'm trying.   Anyway, can't wait to see everyone.  Drive carefully and for those not coming, just keep on stitching and when you have a moment in front of the computer, watch Liz and Debbie on You Tube ...Country Stitchers.  They were here as part of the Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild, gave Sara and I beautiful scissor fobs and told me about their new venture.  I watched it this morning while making the cookies.  They do a wonderful job and I loved seeing what they've done and are currently working on and was amazed by Debbie's stitching room.  Huge and so organized to boot.  I'm not sure if I saw Liz's so I'll have to take another look.  But Debbie's is worth a look see.  Stitchers got to run, so take care, have a great week and keep your needles moving.             

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