Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Too many projects and too little sleep isn't a good thing!

Back at work again, so of course that means I'm blogging.  The weather is lousy and I do mean lousy.  It's been cold, in the high 50's or low 60's, overcast and rainy...ugh!!!  If I'm inside I really don't care, except I feel for the people vacationing here who would probably appreciate a little sunshine.  But alas, that's not happening today, or yesterday, or the day before...well you get my drift.  So that means we're stitching.  Of course for me weather doesn't matter-sunshine or rain I'm stitching.  My problem is...I can't stitch fast enough.  I've been working on Theodore, one of the Animal Cracker series pieces and I get a little bored at times since it's really basically 3 colors.  I love him, don't get me wrong...I'm still going to do the entire series, but I needed a change so along with three other starts this week I made sure I had one of my over 2 on 18 ct. pieces going and that one I was able to finish.  Of course after I got started this was basically only 2 colors....but it was faster since it was larger and I was able to do the Turkey Work flower centers so that was a change, but anyway, I present "Bloom" which is a Brenda Gervais (of course) design.  I swear I'm going to do one of hers on the called for linen, but they really do call out for large count.  I used the #5 perle cottons from Weeks Dye Works (Lancaster Red, Moss Green primarily).  Anyway, it finishes  16" x 5" so it makes a good size pillow for a chair or the sofa.  Fun, fast stitch.  

As for my Theodore, well I'm finishing up on pants today, legs tomorrow and then it's time to do finishing which we all know will bring me a whole new set of problems...whoppee!!!!    I did finish stitching Blackbird Design's "Hat's Off to Uncle Sam" last week, but...there's always a but...I rushed over to Salisbury to Hobby Lobby only to find they had neither the plaque nor the 4" round box so I'm internet bound for those items in order to make the hat so having stitched the piece does me no good.  I've got to do the hat especially since I saw it done...oh, so fabulous.  Hopefully I'll get the supplies and have it done by the 4th.  Because the 4th is on my patriotic designs, I picked Blackbird's "Lady Liberty" drum to start.  I'm actually stitching it on the correct fabric, 32 ct....and the design is jam packed so there's a lot to stitch which is actually what I like alot.  I love the detail oriented designs and this certainly is....very little empty space, so naturally this is going to take some time...therefore I pulled out a piece I had started, Blackberry Lane's "All Dressed Up for Winter" snowman and now see why I put it down....but I'm determined to keep plugging along in hopes of getting it done sooner rather than later because I adore Blackberry Lane projects.  Usually they are over one, but this one is over two with a sweet little over one cardinal sitting on the snowman's shoulder....too cute. I did partially finish Lizzie Kate's "Summer Smalls" or at least a  version of her Summer Smalls.  These are shown as  pin cushions, however, I decided I wanted one of the wooden totes for summer so I stitched the long pincushion and attached it to the tote, stitched the Bee's pin cushion as a needlebook and added "Needles" in place of Bees and did a band over one on a glass vial using the strawberry vine of the Berry pin cushion.  Then I used the big bee off the Bees pin cushion to make a scissor fob.  Well, I've torn apart the needlebook twice already, but this third time is it...I'm going to make this time work no matter what.  I've done many needlebooks and never run into trouble...why this time...I don't know but it's aggravating.  Anyway, I'll get it done or die!  Then I'll show you the set.  I can't believe I'm back to doing these totes but I love them so.  Oops, no one's in the store so I'm going to end here and go look at what's new in Salty Yarns.  My motto is "you can never have too much needlework."  Have a great day

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