Friday, March 31, 2017

What a busy week I've had.  But first we had our first event last weekend, Catherine Theron was here to teach two projects and the stitchers were enthusiastic and did a wonderful job with each class. Big thanks to Catherine and the stitchers for making the weekend so successful.    Sara was sick as a dog but managed to pull off her usual fabulous assortment of foods for the reception and then Saturday the dessert night.  We had stitchers staying at the Howard Johnson on 12th street since the hotel isn't open yet, and they had a wonderful stitching room so she held Saturday's reception there.  Good time was had by all.   Sara dragged herself to the doctors on Monday to find out she has bronchitis.  So she's got the proper meds and while she is still hacking, she is showing improvement.  My condition is much better but if I even so much as walk to the bathroom I'm hacking for a few minutes but as long as I'm sitting I'm fine. (could this just be my excuse to sit?  I think it might be)  Anyway, since I refused to leave the house Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I put the time to good use and finished some projects.  We brought home Erica Michaels "By the Sea" from Nashville and I just couldn't wait to start it.  So I started last Thursday a week ago and finished on Tuesday.  I decided to get it put together immediately and I'm thrilled to say it was relatively easy.  I was so concerned about the point I didn't leave enough fabric on the strawberry at the top so my sandcastle doesn't show as much as it should.  But I am proud of the finish anyway as it's only my second berry and the first, while hanging in the shop, has a few issues with the back.  But I learned from that one and made sure that with this one I paid attention to matching the back.  By the time I do a third berry I should have all the kinks worked out.  Anyway, here is my "By the Sea" Berry Pin Cushion.  The only issue I must warn you about is in the first run the chart showing the berry shows the same symbol for the pumpkin patch and DMC 950.  Both colors are needed for the hand as 950 is the color of the flesh and the pumpkin color is the color of the Starfish.  You can see the correct colors on one of the included pictures.

 Before I left for Nashville I stitched "Selfie Sampler" by Lizzie Kate.  I never take a selfie but I did like what it says, "Dear Self, today I will shine."  It's a mantra I should say everyday, unfortunately some days I just can't's just too hard.  It was a fast finish and putting it together was easy and I used Peony Chenille to finish around the edge.  The fabric is included with the chart but you have to use your own floss.

Last weekend we received "Samplar Hare" by La-D-Da and I just knew I had to stitch it.  Frankly I wanted to stitch both the front and the back, but of course then I got in a hurry and just did the front.  And easy stitch...actually can be done in one day and the finish, well I did have a few problems, but I'm sure they were of my own making so I won't even discuss them.  But I love him and he stands on his own so that much I did right.

And the last finish for the week is "Home" by Brenda Gervais, With Thy Needle and Thread.  This I stitched on 20 ct. linen over 2 so the pillow is actually about 15" x 6".  Easy stitch, in fact I stitched this on the trip home from Nashville.  Over 2 on large count just flys by.  Anyway, I made it into a pillow as I love the large pillows which really show up on a sofa or chair.  I did change colors as I wanted to use Perle Cotton.  I used Weeks Cocoa for the lettering, moss for the vine and leaves, Lancaster for the blooms, door & heart, pelican gray on the house  and Black on the Roof of the house.  Fun stitch  Because this actually says, " where our story begins" I really feel this would make a great gift for a new couple.  You could add their names and wedding date on the bottom under "where our story begins."  Different type of wedding remembrance.

Great week, fun stitching and now I move on.  This week I'm working on another Brenda Gervais on 20 ct. linen over 2 called "Easter Peep Parade"...should be fun and of course I'm moving on to the needlebook in "By the Sea"...can't wait.  I've also got my eye on Stacy Nash's Animal Cracker darn cute I know I'm going to stitch them. many stitches and too little time.  Have a great, safe weekend and try to stitch a little .... it's so relaxing most of the time!


Lynn said...

Sally, you have the perfect retirement!

Sally Rutka said...

I almost agree...however, my perfect retirement has me working 4 days a week...ugh! Unlike a lot of people who get bored sitting at home...I don't so when a few years ago they pushed me out I went willingly. Then when my name started appearing on the schedule again I knew I had to also come back willingly. There are times when it's not so bad, but once you have the taste of's hard to start working again. It does allow me to shop Salty Yarns several days a week but I'm not sure that's what Sara had in mind when she put me back on the schedule.