Thursday, August 18, 2016

We're in the dog days of summer down here....ugh!!!

I forgot to show you two models loaned to us by friends of Salty Yarns.  The first is an Ink Circles, "Wings and Things" stitched by Trudy Edwards.  Trudy always does the most interesting Halloween pieces.  Anyway, she picked Picture Plus overdyed fabric for the stitch which just hi-lights the eerie feeling you get with Halloween pieces.  Fabulous piece.  The second piece was stitched by Shiela Fitzhugh and it's a Rosewood Manor piece titled, "Spring Quaker" and stitched on Picture Plus fabric as well.  Both have been displayed this summer in the shop so if you are in Ocean City stop by and take a look.  Beautiful.  Shiela has not only Spring Quaker here but Winter Quaker which is my favorite of Rosewood's seasonal quakers.  But needless to say, I've got all 4 seasons along with the threads sitting in my totes at home (notice I said totes since I have many of them stuffed.)  Thanks Ladies for jobs well done and for letting us borrow your work.  While I try to get a lot of stitching done and models in the shop,  this summer is taking a toll on me with the web site issues and the POS, but I'm happy to report that things are beginning to calm down a tad.  Of course the heat is about to do me in, but I think I say this every year so you would think I'd get use to it. But the heat and humidity is deadly.  Last week I didn't leave my apartment for 4 days...did not go outside at all.  I was built for a/c however, I hate being closed in.  Oh, well, I keep trying to remember winter and how I hate the freezing cold....I think I need to move somewhere, but I probably couldn't find the perfect place and I'd just be trading this for something else I wouldn't like.  So I guess I'll stay put and pray Judy returns soon so I can go back to hibernating in my house.  This week Judy is off so I'm in the shop everyday until she returns from vacation...Oh, please Judy hurry back I need a day off!  The amazing part of this is I've been in the shop everyday for a shift since Sunday (when I returned from delivering Solomon to Woodward Camp....7 hrs both ways...God help me) and I've only taken 1 chart home.  I'm not sure what that says about me or about what's new, but it doesn't matter because I've got so much stash I don't need anything new.  Thank God there is no pre-stitch with Jackie's class coming up next month as this allows me to concentrate on things for the shop.  I started and finished the first 2 of Val's Christmas Ornaments on the perforated paper.  Cute and addictive...Oh, I just realized I did take 3 of her ornament kits home yesterday....oh, and I thought I was doing so well.  I guess I'm not doing as well as I thought.  Well, I've got to get on the move.  Trying to get stock put in the POS and tickets printed.  Can't tell you the frustration with the printing of tickets....we now use a DYMO labelwriter which I thought was great, however, if I'm printing tickets and someone wants to buy something I have to change the printer from the Dymo to the Star receipt printer.  Guess how many times I've forgotten to change over so the receipt is printed on dymo labels....about 20 different labels get ruined.  I'm definitely too old for this crap.  And yet the minute the POS went down in June and Sara said we were back to writing receipts I got the POS instantly so I didn't have to do that.  I'm never happy it appears.  But I couldn't imagine having an event with hand written receipts.  OH, my that would be a fiasco.  So I'm going to leave now and see what else I can screw up.  Have a great day and a greater weekend.

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