Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Two of Val's new Christmas Ornaments done on perforated paper, just like her Halloween ornaments last year.  So easy and fast and the finish is a breeze.  The kit includes the chart, googly eyes, backing and cord for hanging.  You supply the over-dyed fibers.  The 3rd picture is the Shepherd's Bush Noel Sheep ornament which you saw finished on an earlier post and put on one of the small sleds.  I did a second ornament and put it on the paper tag included in the kit.  Also cute!  And the 2nd picture is the Needlework Press stitched tape measure which I showed you earlier.  But I gave that first one away so I wanted you to see that I actually stitched it a second time.  UGH!  I hate stitching anything twice, but Sara and I both loved this ourselves so it became a must.  I just finished stitching the ABC Spool also by Needlework Press but haven't done the finish yet.  As soon as Judy gets back and I have a day off.  Actually, as it turns out, this morning I'm not in the shop as something happened to the electric in just Salty Yarns, Sea Trader and Thrashers French Fries.  Thank God the hotel is fine (even though we are in the hotel) and the apartments attached to the hotel are fine, yes it's just us...taking a day off because we have no electric.  If I didn't know better I'd think Sara performed some act that gave her a day off, however, she's stuck helping the guys in the laundry room and she's on parking lot duty.  I'm in the office filing, etc., just getting things more organized.  When the electric company said it was our problem (thanks what a help) Buddy from Thrashers was on the phone and got an electrician here immediately.  It does pay to have friends in high places.  Anyway, they now think we will be up and running by 1:00 so I'm just bidding my time until I go back to work.  Short day for me, and now I don't feel so sorry for Sara working a double.  Things will start slowing down here as children go back to school elsewhere so not as many families can come down.  It gives us time to regroup and get ready for Jackie's class coming up in September and then our big event, OC Jamboree in October.  So much work, but so much fun and a chance to see so many stitching friends and their projects.  Well I might as well stop putting it off and get the rest of the filing done.  Hope your weekend is fabulous and that you have been able to get a little stitching done.  Talk to you soon.  I actually wrote the previous part of the post last week.  My, oh my, where does the time go.  Obviously we got up and running that same day but at 4 not one.  Half a day lost...what can one do.  Judy is now back, thank God!  I've had time off and have managed to get more projects finished.  Hopefully I will get them up soon.  Anyway, I'm posting this today so it doesn't sit around another week.  Have a great week!

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