Monday, June 15, 2015

Tarts Galore!

   I feel like the Tart Queen after stitching 4 in a row, but I do love to stitch them....2 days tops per tart and the finish is so easy, less than an hour.....yes I'm into the tarts.  All four designs come from Plum Street Sampler.  The two on the bottom, are from the chart, "Party Tarts" and the one on the top right is "The Birthday Gift" while the one with the cat is from "Autumn Tart".   It feels great to be done with class kits for a while and having a finish so quickly just picks up my spirits.  I've even been able to work on my obsession, Serenity Harbor,  but I'll get a picture of that up later.  It may be my latest obsession but we all knew looking at the amount of water and land that has to be stitched that this would take a while and it sure is.  But my opinion does not change, it's fabulous, and will be a real show stopped once it's finished.  But I can't just stitch on my obsession, I still have shop models to do.  There hasn't been a day that I've worked in the shop that I haven't taken home more charts....good thing I only work a couple of days a week otherwise I'd be able to open a Salty Yarns annex at my house.  Anyway, today I started the "Patriotic Pail" by Noteworthy Needle.  I plan on having it finished tonight so I can start on a Patriotic Tote featuring the wooden totes I love to stitch something for.  I'm trying to get patriotic pieces done for our 4th of July display.  Well, I've got to get stitching so I'll sign off for now.  Hope your summer is starting off well.  I know some of you have had torrential rain and are suffering because of it and you remain in our prayers.  We've been lucky here in Ocean City.  Have a great day. 

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