Monday, June 22, 2015

Stitching up a storm....

OMG...I'm so busy stitching I have no time to do anything work.  I was written off the schedule which gave me more time for stitching...loving life.  With 4th of July coming up my thoughts turned to shop models featuring Patriotic designs and of course I couldn't resist Noteworthy Needle's "Liberty Pail" part of their Rusty Pail series.  These pails are so much fun to stitch, easy to finish and fast, only take about one night to stitch.  Fun, Fun, Fun.  We're filling it with sand and sticking the flags in it as we get our patriotic spirit in full bloom.  The 3rd picture will be familiar to those who attended Spring Retreat as it was part of their goodie bag.  It's the Mermaid's Treasure spool scissor keeper, and crab fob.  Loved stitching this...the bagello is so much fun to stitch and so easy, once you get the first line in you just follow it so there is no more checking charts, etc.  I love it so much I used it again in the patriotic tote I stitched next (will be in next blog).  Anyway, both projects are available in the shop now, along with the pail and the spool.  The heat is here, as is the humidity, which has kept me inside stitching and having movie marathons.  I have never had this much fun...eating when I want, going to sleep when I want, cleaning or not cleaning (and I lean toward the not cleaning today), getting up when I feel like it (although my kidney does have it's own time table now and usually gets me up around 6 a.m., but that's ok because I also nap off and on all day.  OMG, such wickedly wonderful days.  I haven't made a meal in weeks.  In fact Sara sent over 2 thick slices of ham, 4 deviled eggs and 3 ears of corn and I managed to make this into meals for 3 days.  When I would quiz my dad late in his life about what he was eating each day he'd say he hadn't eaten because he wasn't hungry and kept insisting since he didn't do anything he didn't have to refuel.  I now almost understand that.  I go without lunch because I don't want to take a break, and sometimes dinner after having 2 slices of cinnamon raisin bread for breakfast.  However, unlike my dad I do supplement the day with frozen fruit bars, I'm obsessed with them and have had to place limitations on them and a new treat for me, Dove ice cream bars...again I have had to place limits on those as well.  I usually allow myself 1 of each item a day.  Each day I think, today is the day I'm making dinner and then dinner time arrives and I'm in the middle of a project and I think, oh, hell I'll make it tomorrow.  The good news is, I weighed myself on the doctor's scales we have at the hotel last Friday.  I thought they must be broken so I called Sara and asked if she had used them.  She said she had and they were correct, so I seem to have lost 10-12 lbs, since I was last on the scales in the spring.  Can't say I'm sorry, but I'm sure the pounds will find me before the end of summer, but the day I saw the loss I stopped at the Alaska Stand for a hamburger and a small fry...delicious!  Haven't been out of the house since.  The Junebugs are almost all gone and we managed to get through the month almost unscathed.  We don't rent to the buggers, but they are all over the place so we have them cutting through the parking lots, cutting through the hotel or looking for bathrooms (when they decide to use them) and throwing their trash all over our property.  This year we had a first ever event, however, a couple of weeks ago I was watching the 6:00 a.m. news and it came across there was a shooting in Ocean City.  My mind started scanning through some of the possibilities but was more than shocked when the reporter was standing under our sign on Baltimore Ave.  I couldn't figure out why she was showing our sign when I knew we couldn't have any of those "kind of people" staying at our hotel.  Apparently I was right, they weren't staying with us but in a drug deal gone bad, one kid running away through our side parking lot was shot in the butt, sometime the night before (and yet I got no text or anything else from the kids).  At least it wasn't a tenant involved, although Paola was still here after taking Betsy Morgan's class and she was in the apartment one flight above where the shooting took place.  She was on her IPad at the time and said she heard the noise but thought no more of it.  I mean does anyone think about a gun firing?  Sara went over to check on her and got in a little bit of a battle with one of the police officiers as he told her to go back inside as this was now a crime scene and Sara insisted she was going over to check on Paola since she was on the porch overlooking the crime scene but not actually in the crime scene.  Thankfully she wasn't arrested.  Anyway, the only harm to our property was a bullet hole in one of the cars.  Yes, it's lovely here in Ocean City during the month of June.  Always interesting, seldom boring but terribly frustrating.  Now for the kicker, the kid involved that got shot was not a Junebug, He was in his 20's so he could be part of the college crew that was in town and the shooter was never caught as the kid shot was uncooperative....what a shocker when a drug deal was involved.  Honestly, I really am too old for this kind of foolishness.  No wonder I stay inside and stitch.  Well, back to my patriotic tote...I'll try to post tomorrow so you can see what's going on here.  Have a great day

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