Friday, October 18, 2013

The party is over, but we're still here...

Yes, the Stitchers Jamboree is over and the hotel is officially closed.  It's been an exciting summer but we're pooped and glad to have a few months to regroup.  But, of course, the shop doesn't close so we're still here everyday, but that's our fun spot.  And boy howdy did  we have fun this weekend.  Stitchers Jamboree is a wonderful way to end the summer for us.  Imagine a weekend filled with classes and non-stop stitching with old friends and new.  Our stitchers actually  starting arriving on Wednesday.  These are the ladies who want to get a jump on the "pick of new merchandise" before the rest of the ladies arrive, plus they want to rest up before the run for classes begins.  The teachers, Lauren Sauer and Linda (Chessie and Me) arrived on Thursday with yet more stitchers, including Ginny who flew in on the same plane with Linda.  So we actually had time to visit with these ladies and since Lauren and Linda are returning teachers it's always good to catch on what is happening with them as well.  Then Friday our weekend begins.  Sara was busy cooking for 2 days and I was manning the shop...Sara may rethink this in the future as I was calling her every 5 minutes to figure out where new stuff was located in the shop (you'd think I never worked here before).  Adding to the excitement was a North Easter' which hit Ocean City on Wednesday and stayed here for the entire event....high winds, rain off and on all weekend and just miserable weather.  The good news...stitchers really don't give a damn because all they want to do is shop and stitch.  (We are so grateful they don't care...otherwise it would have been a really long weekend of complaints.)  Anyway, Patti (SamSarah Designs) arrived on Friday along with the rest of the stitchers, and the party commenced.  New attendees weren't strangers long as returning attendees are so welcoming to the newbies.  And it's always fun to see so many return....they became old friends to us long ago and we always look forward to seeing them again and catching up on their families as well as their stitching.  Plus...they always bring us show and tell.  I love to see what people have worked on and get ideas myself for projects.  It's inspiring to me.  And I saw a lot of great finishes.  Janice  Meixell was working on the cutest wedding sampler and not your typical sampler.  Her friends are getting married this winter and she picked a snowflake design, stitched white on navy linen and stitched the information in a wavy line through the piece.  Really different and a great idea.  I just would never have thought of that.  (a group of stitchers will always give you great ideas).  Barbara Nunez arrived with a box of her finishes...amazing!  The most unusual in my opinion was her "cigar box" etui.  It was a Jackie DuPlessis kit which she got long ago and what I loved the most was the cute little cigar box.  It was not a real one, but cute none the less and of course the smalls that went inside...well, you know I love a small.  I rushed over to the lobby of the hotel to show the ladies and one of our Jersey Girls said, "I have that in my stash and I haven't done it."  Meanwhile there was a group of us trying to figure out if we could duplicate the kit as it is no longer being produced.  Then she said the magic words..."I'll sell you mine."  Bingo baby...I was on it.  So when she gets home, she's going to send me the kit....I can't wait.  This was better than one was bidding against me and there was no time limitations.  Now it can sit in my stash for years, but at least I'll have it and can look at the little cigar box every day.  Saturday night Theresa Wood and I had our annual ornament exchange.  She stitched one of the darling little Christmas purses designed by Victoria Sampler and shown in the 2012 Ornament Magazine.  I had noticed them last year and had planned to stitch some of those I was more project off my list.  Thanks Theresa...I just love it.  As I had reported earlier I was struggling to get the little santa I stitched put together and couldn't figure out why this year I was having so many difficulties.  I figured it was my age.  After showing it to Linda and Patti who were sitting there, they along with Theresa informed me I had stitched it on 40 ct.  I don't know what I was thinking, I had just grabbed a small piece of linen and started stitching.  I knew the piece was small but had no idea it was 40 ct. over one.  I loved it, but next year I'm moving up to 32 or 28 for stitching .... the finishing is too difficult with all the angles I'm working around.  But at least I know my magnifiers are working like a charm since I didn't even realize it was 40 ct.  (I think it also might speak volumns about what an idiot I've become that as a shop owner I didn't even realize it... good thing Sara's taking over).  Anyway, the last of our stitchers left Wednesday so now we are getting things back to normal.  Or at least what we call normal.  I'm now busy getting ready for the C.A. Wells memorial weekend.  This is just a fun weekend so there is nothing really to do.  Everyone brings food and we just sit and stitch all weekend.  I am working on an annual piece for the weekend.  It's so much fun coming up with a Halloween memorial piece.  This year I didn't have to come up with the idea, I'm doing a chart by Dames of the Needle, and I'm only changing it slightly, so there is no brain power required.  Whoppee!!!!  As you may have guessed, my brain power is starting to go down hill. 

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jhm said...

What or why is there a C.A. Memorial week-end?
I had not heard anything of her death or am I reallllly slow?