Sunday, October 13, 2013

The end of a perfect weekend....

 Another beautiful Sampler and finish provided to us by Carolyn Newman...don't you just love it.  I always did like this piece.  It's a Shakespeare Peddler, "Weeds Make Haste".  It is just full of design elements and is perfect for a gardener,  or for your summer stitching.  Love it.  I also appreciate the fact that this is a nice size pillow,  so it will show up nicely if used on a sofa, etc.  Anyway, you can't see it but Carolyn won a blue ribbon with this piece as well.  She usually enters many, many pieces and darn near wins ribbons on everything.  Good Job Carolyn.  Thanks for loaning it to us.  When you come in the shop look for it.   (This was actually written after the Delaware Sampler Guild was here).  Yesterday the stitchers left after a weekend of  sunshine, a lot of  heat ( was summer here and in the 80's), a lot of talking and a lot of laughing.  A good time was had by all, I think.  So thank you to all the stitchers from the Delaware Valley Sampler Guild.  We loved seeing you all again.  I'm sorry I didn't get much time with you, although I spoke with most of you during the weekend, but I've been taken out of the stitching shop whenever possible and put in other shops (I'm not sure but I think I've been demoted).  And then I took the grandchildren home with me Friday and Saturday so that their mother's could get the food out, etc.  Needless to say it was a busy weekend for us all.  We also want to thank Vera and her stitching group who were having a retreat in Ocean City and spent a lot of time in the shop as well.  That's right...two stitching retreats here and many, many stitchers.  While that makes for a very busy weekend, it's the most fun of all because no one is asking for string, fabrics for sewing, cigarettes, etc., no,  everyone that was here this weekend knew exactly what kind of shop Salty Yarns is and there were no dumb questions.  Alleluia!  Also thanks to Sheila Fitzhugh and Trudy Edwards who were vacationing here (they are also stitchers who come to Spring Retreat) and always bring me wonderful stitching treats.  This year was no different.  What they brought was so fabulous we're going to use them in goodie bags next year.  But first we have to make them....that could be the hitch, although I've already ordered the supplies and I really think I'm capable.  Shiela also brought her beautiful Quaker Christmas II, which is fabulous and allowed us to hang it so everyone could see it....and then left it for the winter so we could display it until she returns next May.  Wow...I have such wonderful stitchers who come generous with their time and talents.  Thanks ladies for the treat and for the models you allow us to use.  We appreciate it.  Theresa Baird brought in her new samplers...oh my, absolutely gorgeous.  She is so talented, and these samplers are unbelievable, as they are full of details and done on 40 ct....fabulous.  Thanks Theresa...your talent for designing is amazing.  This is actually the final day for the hotel for the season, as far as outside renters.  Next weekend is the Stitchers Jamboree and then the hotel is shut down for the winter.  So poor Mary just can't wait.  She and her family has been living at the hotel in a very small space for the last 6 months, so moving back to her home is long overdue.  It gives us all time to rest and start preparing for next summer.  But the shop, Salty Yarns and Sea Trader will still be open  7 days through Thanksgiving and then 4 day weekends after that.  Exiting things happening here as we start working on the changes at the hotel.  Mary is on top of that while Sara is on top of things that deal with the shop.  Both girls did a fabulous job this summer and because of that I've been able to take days off, like today.  Normally, before a big event I'm in the shop or office everyday fighting to get orders placed and bills paid.  But this summer I only went  into the office for a couple of hours one day a week and I've had days off.  I'm really enjoying my fact a bit too much.  My mother wouldn't retire....her answer to me when I told her she was no longer working in the shop so she could relax was..."You are to put me back on the schedule...I don't know what you think I'm suppose to do all day but I refuse to sit upstairs and watch your father sleep in the chair."  She worked until the day she died.  However, I am not my mother, I said to Sara, "If you expect me to tell you to put me on a schedule like my mother told me, you are going to be seriously disappointed.  I'm taking the days and you won't even hear from me."  Which she hasn't, although she usually calls me to make sure I'm not dead on the floor.  So far so good!  Anyway, for those traveling to Ocean City for the event this weekend....please drive carefully.  Don't forget your scissors, needles, and any magnification and lighting you need and we'll see you ...starting some arrive on that date and the rest follow on Thursday and Friday.  Safe travels.

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