Sunday, July 21, 2013

Oh, My Gosh.....have you seen one of these?

The projects people take's amazing to me.  This is the afghan Jenn Ryan is working on...well over halfway completed.  It's a map of the United States.  Have you ever seen this?  I found  it amazing that anyone would even attempt this, let alone finish it.  But Jenn is a "doer", and a "doer" of many talents...she hooks rugs, does counted cross stitch, knits, crochets, and God only knows what else, but I was definitely fascinated with her States Afghan.  Free chart on line somewhere!  Go Jenn!!!!  Things are back to normal...or what we call normal here since the 4th has come and gone....more people in town which means more business, however, the heat index is also up.  While it might be hotter in the city, it's still hot down here and most of the time no breeze..although some say down by the water it is O.K.   But we're here and we're busy ordering and checking new things into inventory.  There's really nothing we love more than ordering new stuff...but with some of the folks walking through the doors I don't know why.  Honestly they are just walking through it doesn't even matter to them that they haven't a clue what we sell.  Jenn Ryan was only in the shop for 1/2 hour the other day and couldn't get over the strange request we got in a needlework we have batteries, cigarettes, fishing wire?  But that isn't even the strangest thing we've been asked for but tonight alone I've had requests for: (1) can you sew the strap on my dress...uh, no we're not a fabric store nor do we do alterations.  (2).."I forgot my chart but it's probably around 8x10 and it's got flowers on it and I need fabric for it."  Duh....what was the count?  What was the color it called for?  Where is the brain that was suppose to be inside your head?  If you don't bring me the chart I can't figure out anything for you.  Well I could but you would have to know what chart you purchased so I could look it up. 
My mother always said I would know when it's time to get out.....well I think the time is now.  I have no patience left even though I'm working less than ever.  Most of the days I only work 1 shift...that's right 1 shift.  Although on Sunday I did come in to do payroll and pay bills, so I got here around 11:00 a.m. and left at 10:00 p.m.  But normalling  I stroll in around 3:15 for my 4:00 shift.  Yes I'm living large.  I am so thrilled to have time home....but have a cleaned sir, I've been stitching and reading.  It's a good thing I still have to work because if I didn't no one would ever see me again.  I love laying around in my P.J's and reading and stitching and I don't get dressed until I'm forced to for work.  I've given up my desk to Sara, even though they keep calling it my desk (and I keep correcting them and saying, "it's not mine, it's Sara's).  Last week Sara said, "Mom you don't have to work on Wednesday and I'm going to be at the desk so don't come in early."  I said, "Oh, I won't be coming in early you can bet on that."  I already knew I wasn't showing up at all.  She finally called at some point in the evening to say, "I can't believe you didn't come in...are you all right?"  They think I can't do the retirement thing, but they are soooo wrong.  Now, the truth is, I can't be retired fully because I would never get dressed, never take a shower, I'd never leave the house except to get food.  I have to have somewhere to go periodically just so I keep up with hygiene...can't understand why, but that's me.  I love, love, love to lounge.  And I do feel bad for the girls as each of them has had to take on more work and both are working long hours.  But really, I did it for years so I know they can both do it....and it's only in the summer and really then only in the months of June, July, August and part of September and then we're back to winter rules.  So if you come in and I'm not here....just envision me in my underwear of my sofa kicking back...ugh, maybe just envision me home in my p.j.'s would be a better image.  Anyway. we're alive, well and looking for you to stop by

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Lynn said...

I'm glad you are enjoying life!
Lynn Davis