Monday, July 29, 2013

Oh, My God.....some mothers drive me nuts!

I really wouldn't comment on this if it just happened occasionally, however, it just happens too many times for me to let it go anymore.   As some of you know in our shops we have music playing, usually "spa type" music as I like a calmness surrounding me while I stitch.  Anyway, today I'm working the Shell Shop as Deepali who usually works it is acting as Mary's babysitter this summer on weekends as the kids just love her, and she is wonderful with them.  Anyway, I have my music on at a calming level, just like in the needlework shop.  I'm sitting here chillin'...haven't pulled out my stitching yet because I've been playing hearts when customers haven't been in the shop, but I'm finally bored with that and ready to get out my stitching.  And in walks this young mother (probably in  her late 20's early 30's) with a child who was probably around 5, so of course this child is picking everything up and saying, "Look Mommy" and each time the mother reprimanded the child in a loud voice, and I mean loud...just below a shout, "I told you not to touch stop picking things up."  First of all, the child was picking up a shell, not a breakable item.  While I think kids hands should stay in their pockets while in a shop, in this shop it's perfectly acceptable for them to touch the shells because.....they are shells for god's sake.  My problem with this mother is she was wasting time...not shopping...she had to purse, no bag, no pockets in her swimsuit...she was wasting time.  You don't take a child in a store if you are wasting time and then tell them to stop touching.  They don't know about looking...I've never had a child come into any shop I've been in where they don't touch everything in sight.  So the solution might be....if you aren't looking for anything, gift or otherwise, perhaps when you have children with you just stay outside the stores.  Upstairs on Thursday I had a kid carrying around a Halloween item while the mother went in the opposite direction saying, "Now don't touch anything"...I guess carrying something around wasn't the same as touching...anyway, as the kid started to leave she just threw it on the floor right in front of me and headed for the door, however when she saw me glaring at her in disbelief, she actually went back, picked it up and then proceeded to put it back where she got it as her mother once again said, "Now don't touch anything"...honestly you don't tell a child not to touch and then head in a different direction.  When I had to take my children into a store, there was one rule...hands had to be behind their backs.  I also never went into a store without the knowledge that I might have to purchase something for them.  I had Sara so trained that when I went into Baileys Drug Store one day the clerk said, "We love it when Sara comes in with the Ayres (my cousins) children because she always tells them to stop touching and keep their hands behind their back."  It use to be embarrassing when Sara was little as she would report on any children touching things in the shop.  She would call them out.  It's too bad that parents are no longer parents...could be why this society is kind of screwed up.  Anyway, yesterday was another day off....whoppee....I just can't have enough.  I stitched all day....from morning until I went to bed.  I'm now on part 3 of the Lizzie Kate Halloween Mystery sampler from last fall.  I've had a lot of fun with it and yet somehow managed to screw up the second section and I'm a row off...but I'm working around it.  I decided not to take any of the stitching out but to just proceed and try to work out the border so it will be even. I didn't reach my goal for finishing it though, as I wanted it done by Sunday.  Yet when I got home Sunday from work I nevr picked up my needle.  (oh, my God, I can't believe I didn't).   I've already cut the fabric for the Winter Quaker by Rosewood.  I think I'll finally get around to stitching one of those...I've pulled Quaker Diamond, Spring Quaker but still haven't started either one.  And she's told Sara Summer Quaker is on the way as well as Fall Quaker, so I've got to get a move on here.  Oh, my so many stitches need to be done....I need to cut down on sleeping to get it all done.  IMPORTANT NEWS:  Along with all the fabulous upgrades, thanks to Hotel Impossible, we finally got everything connected (software and hardware) in the hotel...however....there seems to be a glitch now in the phone system.  After getting everything working we noticed the phones would go into a sync pattern periodically and sometimes it lasted several hours.  We've had the tech guys over here for about 3 days on and off and again today we are "waiting for sync" know sometimes technology is a pain in the ass.  Anyway, should you try to call the shop and get "no answer" we are still here with phones syncing...keep trying and eventually they will hopefully stop...if you have an emergency e-mail us at's still working.  We are so aggravated by all this, but at the same time not having to run for the phone while I'm cutting fabric is somewhat liberating.   I usually get 4-6 calls every night from the girl in the Bikini Shoppe looking for Sara so not to have to deal with her is a relief, but I'm worried about others who are trying to get us.  Jenn Ryan called last night wondering why we hadn't been answering our phones....sorry Jenn.   Anyway, keep on stitching and I'll keep you updated on what we're up to.  Oh, yeah, Sara wanted me to remind you that Jamboree is coming up in October so if you want to come we'd appreciate hearing from you asap so we can start getting our numbers finalized.  Hope to see you there

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Robin said...

I think these same shopping 'mothers' are the same friends who bring their little ones to my house and we spend the next hour moving knicks knacks or ashtrays or whatever out of their reach and then spend an hour after they leave finding and replacing the items! I used to tell my kids what my parents told me "Hands in your pockets and if you don't have pockets, make believe!" Don't they realize everyone has a more enjoyable time including them if they just diciplined their children from early on!