Saturday, June 29, 2013

Oh my .... I feel like a fish out of water

They said it was going to be hot today and they weren't kidding.  My power struggle with the electric company is over....I threw in the towel today and turned on the air conditioner..whew I'm perspiring like a whore in church (sounds better than sweating like a pig doesn't it?).   Last night upon returning home from work I experienced trouble with my remote control....oh, no!!!!!  I simply cannot function without the T.V. on.  So...I put in a movie and just watched that and started stitching....I was having a lovely time until the movie was over and still no working remote. I tried to figure out a way to change channels the old fashioned way, but couldn't figure it out so today I'm stealing one from the it considered stealing if you own the hotel?   Don't care I'm taking one anyway!  Renee's birthday is this week so I'm busy getting her gifts done.  One would think that since I know when her birthday is I'd do these things way in advance, but my brain just doesn't work that way, consequently I'm stitching like a mad woman trying frantically to get things stitched and put together (which is the problem), but I'm certain with just a couple of days to go I can make it.  Not having T.V. is not helping my mood though.  On the plus side the ladies from New York are down and Cindy made me a beautiful shawl in a beautiful green....I intend to tell everyone I made it so everyone will think I have many talents.  I've been forced to take a break from Shepherd's Bush Gratitude Sampler to work on gifts, but I'm on the second scene and loving it.  I did change a couple of greens as they didn't show up enough against the grass, sometimes with over dyed thread you can run into similar tones but switching out helped let the leaves stand out so no problem.  I don't have a problem switching colors around, and as I've already mentioned many times I switch all lettering on my Shepherd's Bush Samplers to their old lettering which I loved and could read...I have a terrible time (not all the time though) reading the words with the funky alphabet they now use...but I adore Shepherd Bush designs so a little problem like lettering is easy to solve, so I still stitch one any chance I get.  I've also had to put a halt to my Sherry Jones project, but will get it back in the rotation as soon as Renee's gifts are a done deal.  I'm also working on a Pine Mountain pillow "I can do anything, just not everything" for a display in the shop and I can't believe how long this is taking me.  I only work on it while in the shops, but I must be playing too many Hearts games because this should have been done in 2 days and I'm now on week 2.  It's hard to fit stitching in when I'm spending so much time talking to the girls from New York, and playing hearts, oh, yeah and don't forget my surfing on the's a wonder it's not taking longer now that I think about it.   The girls leave today to travel back to N.Y., so perhaps I'll get some stitching done while in the store.  I'm going to put a ban on playing hearts while least for the weekend.  O.K., it's been a few days since I wrote the aforementioned, so now I really have to finish this.  I worked in the Shell Shop today and finished the Pine Mountain pillow...Gloria alleluia and of course I'm now working Salty Yarns and have picked out a new project.  I've decided to begin the Little House Needleworks Mystery Sampler...I'll let you know how it's going tomorrow....of course when I get home tonight I'll want to work on my Shepherd's Bush....oh, my's much to hard for me.  But I'll start the mystery sampler while here at work and switch when I get home.  What a job...stitch all day and stitch all's quite the life down here and it has nothing to do with being located on a beach (although that is a perk.)  Anyway, I'll talk tomorrow, but will end now so the news isn't too old.  Have a great weekend.

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