Sunday, June 23, 2013

Another glorious day in the neighborhood....

Today is much like yesterday...sunny warm but not hot, plenty of people on the beaches and I'm working in a/c.  I am getting with the program and managed to upload the pictures all by myself...of course by tomorrow I'll forget how I did it, but that's m life..each day presents a new struggle.  Anyway, the first picture shows the fabulous, gorgeous scissors Paola gave me as a birthday gift a couple of weeks ago.  I just had to show you since I know that many of you are scissor fanatics, much like myself.  These scissors are hand made in France and presented in their own wooden case made just for them.  I have seen these scissors before, but never as fancy as the one Paola gave me.  I absolutely love them, but never intend to use them and will rarely take them out of their little case....they are just too valuable.  But lovely to look at and a real treasure for my stitching room.  (I'm sure Sara is eyeballing them knowing they will be hers one day).  The Second picture is a scissors case Renee did in needlepoint for me.  Needlepoint is her first love so I am thrilled I have something done by her.  She also gave me a beautiful pair of scissors for Christmas that will fit perfectly in this case (she actually made the case just for those scissors).  And the final picture is a pyramid needle case that Staci Buhrman stitched for me .  This isn't a good picture, but I'm doing the best I can....anyway, stitched on the sides is "Stitching by the Sea"....and I love it.  I should have shown it open...but try to imagine and the bonus is it's a C.A. Wells know I've had an issue with C.A. Wells, but I've always appreciated her designs, which is why we wanted her to teach here.  So inspite of her attitude,  I'm thrilled to add one of her designs to my stitching showcase.    Beautifully stitched and presented.    I had one more stitched gift to show you but it was too blurry so I'll have to redo and show it tomorrow.  On to other things, the firemen are slowly leaving town and are  being replaced  by skateboarders here to see the Dew Tour...which is really interesting.  The skate bowl is huge and placed down by the pier on the beach.  It attracts old and young alike and lots of families bringing their skateboarding children down for the weekend.  And so far today....nice ladies coming into both shops.  Oh, yeah, I just saw 2 young ladies walking down the boardwalk in bikini's and guess what...their rear ends were not hanging out of the bottom of the they do make them to fit.  Fabulous, now if I could just get everyone to start buying suits that fit my mission here would be complete.  Other than that my life remains the, work and then a little more work....but that's O.K., cause I'm still breathing so that's a good thing.
Had our first "Hotel Impossible" reservation.  They came down for the night requesting that unit and loved it.  We were so excited to show them the's been our passion since it was  finished.  It's ignited a fire under the entire crew.  Mary and Brian began a remake of  the  Lodge in the spring and they've managed to get the 2nd floor of the lodge completely painted and are now fine tuning the rest of the rooms with new bedding, etc.  It really brings new energy into our lives.  And what have I accomplished.  After 12 hours crunched over the Kreinik boxes I have finally, after 2 years of talking about it, finished getting them tagged and in order.  If my feet and my back didn't hurt so much I would have danced a jig.  As it was I sat and ate another chocolate....I felt much better.
So that's it for now....Have a great to you later.


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