Friday, April 26, 2013

Sherri Jones....we love you!!!

What a wonderful time we all had last weekend with Sherri Jones.  Students started arriving on Tuesday and we ended up with over 20 people in the classes...Hare Pyns and Blue Ribbon Box.  A few stitchers even ended up taking home their completed Blue Ribbon Box...kudos to them.  Poor Sara had to keep hopping up and down so she didn't get hers done, but we're hopeful that she will before Sherri returns.  Anyway, Sherri taught the Blue Ribbon box on Saturday and the ladies were so excited and did so well and loved Sherri.  She is a wonderful teacher, so organized and helpful...we loved her.  If you have never taken one of her classes...put it on your to-do list's a must.  Anyway, Hare Pyns was done on Sunday and we hated to end things we were having so much fun.  Sherri brought her trunk show...but frankly I wasn't willing to risk my life as the stitchers were all over it and fighting to get things...mercy I stepped out and let them fight over the kits.  She also brought her class pieces for us to see and everyone was picking their favorites so we made a list of the classes we wanted her teach in 2014 and also in 2015 (why waste time I say).  Anyway, we pleaded with her to return and we are thrilled to say after going home she was able to figure things out and has let Sara know she will be able to come back in 2014....Wonderful news for us.   I got so excited after seeing her Button Book that I went on Ebay and bid on 10 blue calico buttons and won them....yes, I'm preparing in hopes she'll come back in 2015 for the button book.  Thank you Sherri for a great weekend...we can't wait to see you again.  I hope your trip here isn't as difficult as it was in 2013.  The flooding in the midwest created delays and Sherri was delayed.  She wasn't alone, one of our students trying to reach us from Texas was 1 second late getting to her gate (she went to the wrong one first) and heard them give her seat away as she arrived at the correct gate.  That just began her horrible ordeal but she finally got here around midnight on Friday.  But regardless, she had a wonderful time and enjoyed the class.  I was exhausted and needed a couple of days to recoup.  Yesterday I was just getting back to normal and was in Salty Yarns by myself working when a man walked in with a southern accent with a "twang",  looking like he'd been working for days, and he starts rambling on...and frankly I wasn't thrilled as I was trying to get tickets done.  But I finally realized he was telling me something about furniture and a truck and he was selling it out of the back so naturally...that got my attention.  First, this isn't the first time this has happened to me.  Last time it was about carpeting in the back of a truck and I got my apartment (this was almost 30 years ago) completely carpeted for about $500 (a real bargain at the time and I was thrilled...although I was certain the police would arrive at any moment and rip it out).  Anyway, I finally said, "O.K., you have furniture that you are trying to get rid of...where are you parked."  He said he was making the delivery from N.C. to Cape May to a new store, but the store wasn't ready and they couldn't take delivery.  He had a shipment he was suppose to pick up in Salisbury and needed to get this stuff off his truck.  We all knew that didn't make a lot of sense, but when you are being handed a gift.....well you say Thank You.  I called Sara, told her what was happening and said to rally the troops.  She Mary, and Vernon walked down to 6th st. to see the thing I knew they were here and unloading it.  Sara ended up with a new chair(rocker recliner) for Vernon, Mary got a new sectional sofa and a matching chair (recliner), and I got two sofas and a matching loveseat, as well as 3 new chairs (victorian looking) for the lobby.  While it wasn't what I had envisioned for the hotel lobby, it really looks great and everyone that has seen it so far (it's been less than 24 hours so it's only the stitchers and housekeepers) has said it looks better, like a living room really, so it was a win win.  The strangest things go on the furniture sure does make the day more interesting.  I found it hard to get back to work after that.  Trying to figure out where to put all of it was exhausting...and of course getting the old stuff out...well I was exhausted just telling the men what to do.  Today Renee and I are trying to get new inventory out for the Delaware Valley Sampler Guild who is retreating with us this weekend.  Renee is a real task master and I have no time to play hearts.  The only way I'm getting to blog is I'm doing it while I'm eating.  Good Golly, a girl can't catch a break.  Anyway, we're having fun here....the sun is shining, it's a little cooler than we'd like, but still able to walk around without a jacket...a sweatshirt perhaps, but not a winter coat so we're good.  We've got the wood carvers in town along with the bikers....busy weekend, and then next weekend is Sunfest in town and our Stitcher's Retreat.  I've actually been too tired to stitch (I hate to admit it), so I haven't finished my Noah's Ark, but I'm hoping that I'll have it done tonight.  I hate it when I don't stitch.  And I've decided to work on Quaker Diamonds, Quakers and Quilts, Spring Quaker and the new Winter Quaker and I'm not certain in what order.  Oh, yeah, and I have the Betsy Morgan pre-stitch to do.  Oh, my I better stop typing and start stitching.  Have a wonderful to you soon


Syd said...

It was a wonderful weekend. Thank you Sally and Sara. I can't wait to see next year's project.

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