Monday, April 1, 2013

New day and it's Glorious here!!!!

Oh what a beautiful day we're having!  The sun is shining brightly, the boardwalk is busy and the mood is much better than yesterday.  People are out in t-shirts and sandals...while it may be between 55-60, on the boardwalk there is a right good breeze which brings the temperatures down a bit so I'm not sure sweatshirts aren't needed, but it is gorgeous.  I finished putting "Seaside Squared" in a frame so that's what you are looking at here.  LOVE it!!!  Last night I finished the needlebook that goes with the Isle of Hope Accessories by Jeannette Douglas, and then I worked on June Word Play which was sitting over half finished in a bag.  Tonight I plan on finishing the June Word Play and start and finish the Scissor Fob from Isle of Hope...oh, my...I'm like a buzz saw going through my unfinished bags.  I can't wait to start something else already.  Had a wonderful dinner at Sara's last night.  A lot of my favorite foods...yummo!  Small group as Mary and Brian managed to get sick and they kept Izzy and I brought Solomon and C. J. with me.  C.J. is home for a few days before being shipped off to Japan, he's so excited and I am for him.  After dinner we played Zingo which turns out to be a favorite game of Solomon's.  At 8:00 I was on my sofa and stitching like a fiend.   Sara is still working on her "Clean & Green" by Raising Roof...and she says she's on the downhill side...we can only hope for so much.  But it will be cute once she's finished....but oh, my the process is killing me.  She's been working on this for well over a was suppose to be done by St. Patrick's Day....oh, my...we'll be lucky if she has it done for Memorial Day...but don't tell her I said that!  Anyway, just wanted to stay in touch....I swear I'll do better in 2013 than I did in 2012...well I couldn't do worse could I?  Have a great day and unless something absolutely astounding takes place I'll talk to you on Friday when I'm back in the shop again.  Have a great week.

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