Thursday, March 8, 2012

There's a change on the horizon....

Yes, I went into the office yesterday and found Mary knee deep in dust and trash bags. While for some this may have caused alarm, for me it was a wonderful moment. My office honestly looked and in some places still looks like a paper bomb went off. My desk looked like the homes on hoarders really, but that is changing now. Mary had mentioned that she was going to start cleaning up the office and I said, "Go on...I'm fine with that." I really didn't care if she threw everything away....I was sick of looking at the mess, but couldn't get around to going through every item. But Mary has taken a lot of that decision away from me, which I really don't mind. By the time I got into the office she had cleared off and dusted the shelves and the top of my old roll top (which is so huge it's impossible to move which is what I'd really like to do...move it the hell out of the office and get a new desk without all the cubbies)...and I was thrilled. She did save everything and ask if I wanted to go through it, but I'm so sick of it I said to just trash it, even the stitching magazines that have be housed there for 20 years. Yes, folks, I'm cleaning out.....and organizing. We even put my stamps in a little stamp holder...oh, yes, organization is the way to go...I feel like I'm on hoarders. Anyway, after a few more days in the office we should have this job finished...whoppee!!!! And the finds....found a Walmart gift certificate that I lost around 10 years ago....2 address books, which we were going to go buy since I didn't remember they were there...yes, everything but a body and I'm thankful for that, because I've never been sure what was up on the top of the desk or on the shelves since I can't reach any of it. So it looks like we're getting it together at the girls are trying to take all jobs away from me (and they aren't getting any fight out of me over that either). They took the control of events away from me last year....Thank you!! Sara has taken over the mail orders...oh, my I can hear my retirement coming... ah, to get up every morning and try to decide which project to work on...yes, that's my dream. Anyway, it's a good feeling to know that my office will be clutter free...O.K., perhaps that's too much to ask, but at least we're getting closer. I came from a family who recycled everything. My father never threw out a piece of paper unless he had used every conceivable space, back front and sideways, and I got that from him. I save all paper and to throw it away just feels wrong. But if someone else throws it away I really don't have a problem with it. Well, Mary doesn't throw it away, she's very "green" so she's hauling all of it over to the recycling bins at Walmart. I'm just so grateful....I've wanted to be paper free but couldn't do it myself. Well, let's face it hauling to Walmart just isn't me...I'm more hauling home from Walmart...but I sure don't mind someone else doing the heavy lifting. So now I'll be proceding in a better space. This means that both home and office are getting organized. Well, home is organized...although I'm still going through my life is getting a whole lot better. Now I come home everyday and stitch until I fall asleep, and then get up and stitch some more. I've got several projects in rotation. I'm always changing this system but for now I've got a birthday gift for someone that I work on one day a week (it should be done next month).., the Cricket Collection "Spring" which is worked on one day a week (and should be done this week) and then I get to pick out a new project .. whoppee!!!). Part of the week is dedicated to a small shop sample...something that can be completed in just a few days and then usually I have 1 day to work on anything I want to work on like the Betsy Morgan Toy Chest, and I try to make sure I'm working on something that has been started in the past and stuck in a bag. That means that every week I get to pick out a new project...always a thrill....and some weeks I get to pick out another large project (Like next week when Spring will be completed). I've really never had so much fun with stitching. You simply cannot get bored when you have so many projects in the works. Soon I will start working on Christmas gifts...this will be a first starting this early....all part of my new organizational effort... Now, aggravation...I had it the other day with old nemesis....before leaving for Nashville market I received a new phone bill that instead of reading the normal $33.00 for Salty Yarns it said, $180.00. I trying to decipher what created the jump I saw internet charges, call waiting, etc, all kinds of things I didn't have on the shop phone, so today I decided to call them and get this matter in hand. After punching several buttons in answer to their automatic answering system (which I hate) I got the wrong department and just started punching "0" which always gets a person...and explained my problem. Now I called number on the statement, however after giving the person my account name and number I was informed that my account did exist. So while trying to stay calm, I said, "well I've got a bill that says I do have an account so I'd appreciate service." So she asked me to hold on and she'd transfer me as she obviously didn't have the authority to look at the account. (not sure why she would be answering phones listed when she couldn't answer questions because she didn't have authority, but well, it's verizon). So I start explaining the problem to the next person and she asks for the number and name on account and then comes back with...these don't look like our numbers...and after assuring her that it was the number on the bill she asked where I was located. Apparently in trying to just get me off her phone, the first woman tranferred me to New York. So now I get transferred again and after explaining the problem to the 3rd person, I am thrilled when she informs me that she has my account and goes back 3 months to see that my bill was normally $33.00 and explains that someone authorized the additions to the account but she would delete them. Whoppee....after 20 minutes the problem is possibly solved...won't know definitely until the next bill comes this may be a premature Whoppee!!!! Anyway, my life goes on. Must get back to stitching so I'll end now...have a great day.

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