Thursday, November 17, 2011

The weather has taken a turn for the worse....

Well, we've been having early summer weather...temps in the high 60's early 70's and sun just shining bright, but I got up this morning hearing rain and it's so gloomy out you just know summer is over. But that's O.K., I won't complain as the holidays approach we want it to be cooler...I could do without the ring, but again, 70 on Tuesday and Wednesday....thank you Jesus, enough said. We are gearing up for the Thanksgiving weekend....not only for the day off and a holiday of eating (my favorite kind), but also to see some of you in the shop again. Thanksgiving is a huge weekend in Ocean City with many coming down for the holiday. So if you are coming down, come on in and say hi. Sara and I, perhaps Mary as well, will be manning the counters. I'll also be the one trying to figure out how to construct some items as well. While I have spent the last few weeks stitching for Christmas, I still have to put everything together...ugh...not my strong suit. But I'm going into it with a positive attitude since I have plenty of time to do and I'll pray for the best. Brian stopped by the office and taught me a few more tricks on my Mac so perhaps in another year I'll actually be able to use it as well as I use my HP. (Stranger things have happened). Finished another project last night and perhaps sooner rather than later I'll be able to show you some of the stuff I've been working on. Right now however, I've got to get stuff put together, and framed. But I'm going into the Christmas Holidays with several projects almost completed and I've very optimistic at this point that I'm in good shape. Been working on the apartment....2nd guest room almost completely picked up...which I usually do about 1 day before Christmas so I'm feeling good. I also did the pickled peaches and pickled beets which has graced our holiday tables since I was a child. So I carry on the tradition...the only problem is I love them so much I start eating them the day after I've made them which means right before the holiday I have to make more. Oh, Crap...I've been hacked so now all kinds of crap is showing up in my e-mail. now I feel I must apologize to all who have received e-mails thinking they were from me and open it up to find porn...yes, porn....I could just die. I'm so very sorry to all who have opened up these e-mails. Rainbow Gallery called to say his wife had the same thing happen a couple of months ago and I should now put my name and a non hacked message in the subject for a while I will be doing that. Of course I've contacted AOL, and I've changed passwords, etc...which is tragic for me as I can't remember what the hell I'm doing so I know I'll never remember another password. But we must do what we must do. And for those who hack...shame on you! I don't know what joy you get in doing this but leave me the hell alone. I'm too old and too stupid to fix any of this. Well, I hope your day goes better than mine has. Have a great evening of stitching and I'll talk to you later.

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