Monday, November 14, 2011

It's a slow process.....

O.K., I don't blog for months and now I'm posting 2 in one's all about the pictures I want to get up. Even with the "Mac for Dummies" that Vernon got me I couldn't figure out the error message after 2 pictures were uploaded so I published that blog and started a new one in order to get all the pictures up. Since I wanted to show some of the getups the girls wore to the C.A. Wells event, I decided not to give up on it, but to start another post. Who says computers can beat me....not I...I'm determined folks to get things in stay with me while I fight with the Mac. The first picture is Phyllis Yurack with her witch's hat and a lovely lace web cape...and that's Stasi Buhrman in the background who didn't feel the need to dress up. The next picture is Kathie Renard in the back with her Devil's horns on and the blurry mask wearer is Jackie Janovsky. The next picture is our Kay Fletcher wearing her feathery mask and I have to tell you those masks were really something. They didn't stay on long though, but they certainly dressed up the occasion. The final picture is Debbie Liming who wore a witch's hat all weekend along with her lace cape, and halloween earrings, well all jewelry was Halloween. And Debbie, who celebrates her birthday at this event every year keep in costume all weekend, even when we went out for her birthday dinner. Yes, a proud moment for us all as we sat looking perfectly normal with a woman dressed in her Halloween get up. Well, who's to say what is normal. The C.A. weekend is a time for stitching together, catching up and doing whatever we like. While some wereworking on Christmas gifts, it was hard for others as the people we need to stitch for were sitting there. So Jennifer Humpfries, who you see standing in the picture to the left of Kathie...devils horns...Renard, and I decided that we would work on our Betsy Morgan Toy Chest project. We didn't complete it but we know what we're doing and that's important. Stasi brought her completed Betsy Morgan toy chest so we had it to use all weekend...thanks Stasi...and if push comes to shove I can always ask Paola for help as she too finished hers on her own. And when I expressed concern about putting one of the pieces together, Paola offered to help or to do it for me. Yes, I'm on team Paola now. But I'm going to try to do it myself, after all it's all about learning, or is it? The rest of the weekend was spent talking and eating, both of which I excel in.
Christmas...I'm heading into it at full speed. I'm been stitching like a maniac and I've actually finished a record 6 gifts stitched....with another one just days away from being finished and I've had so much fun doing it. I'm also getting the last of the boxes unloaded, after about 5 years, of my stuff moved from the old place...another Go Team Go! That means that once I get the guest room straightened out this year...I never have to do it again. I can't believe it. The boys room is already back to winter status as I've put away all my summer clothes, however, I'm afraid my sewing room took a hit as it became the drop off point for all my bags of stuff this summer, but I'm slowly going through it and getting things put away.
Why is it I think every year I'll never let the crap build up again, and then it happens? Anyway, I'm a work in progress and so is my living space. As for the shop....well, Renee and Pat have been busy getting displays up and moving things around. They have done such a wonderful job....thanks ladies I appreciate all the hard work. And it's a good thing they did it because you know me....while I may want to help...I just am not moved to do it. And Sara...well she has Jamaica on the brain. She and Vernon and Michael are leaving for Jamaica the first part of December. So she's trying to get ahead on Christmas shopping etc., and so I don't want to ask her to help with anything. Knit and Bitch starts again today...hopefully someone will show up. I forgot about it in my enthusiasm about posting on the Mac and instead of bringing my knitting I brought my Mac machine. Perhaps someone here will be able to give me some instruction. The weather is so beautiful out the high 60's, sunny and gorgeous...we could sit on the rockers on the porch and knit away....except that Vernon in his enthusiasm to close up the hotel has already put them in the lobby. So now we have to work around the chairs...which I'm willing to do as it is easier than fitting tables into Salty Yarns. We need a classroom over there....ummm, now where can I find that room? Well, I've exhausted myself and my Mac knowledge for today so I shall post my 2nd blog of the day. Have a great day and I'll talk with you soon.

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ebs said...

I have been a Mac fan since the 70's - so ask away with your questions. If I don't know the answer - I'll just Google it xoxoxox e.

(Beth and I both have the MacBook, Iphone & IPad = fun toys)