Thursday, July 28, 2011

Am I on hidden camera or is this just God playing with me?

Two days ago, I was bragging that the woman who usually appears 15 minutes before closing had finally learned and showed up at 11:00 in the morning yesterday. When Cynthia Radley called to try to cheer me on I was telling her I was safe last night and could relax because "the woman" had already been in early in the day. 9:00 (O.K. so that was early) I looked up and there she was again...2 times in one day, are you kidding me. I was working a double and I had to put up with her 2 times in one day. This time she wanted to know what button to buy for the chart she had purchased earlier in the day....the catch...she didn't remember what the chart was except it had a cat on it. Well that really narrows things down! She felt I'd remember what she purchased.....duh, I can't remember 5 minutes later what I did 5 minutes earlier so trust me when I tell you I don't remember a chart purchased 10 hours ago. She's coming back today with the chart...probably at 9:30. When I arrived for work this morning, in the office, I was informed that Connie called in sick so guess who has another double? Yup, I'm up again. So I've been in the shop working, which I really don't mind since it's air conditioned and I'm getting orders placed. But just as Sara brought my lunch in guess who arrived for help with her knitting. The lady with the friggin' ice cream cone the other night. Yes, she didn't follow the directions given her at all, and made a mess of the yarn. So while my burger cooled down and the fries cold (that may have been God's doing) I'm showing this simpleton how to knit her scarf. She won't shut the hell up and continues to chatter to her family telling them how easy it is and- she then makes a mistake (and the worse part I saw her doing it and didn't say a word) and when she counts stitches realizes she's done it wrong and guess who had to take it apart and redo it. Did she shut up then...hell no, this little chatterbox kept right on telling her family how easy it is...even though I told her she had to concentrate but she never shut up for one minute. While she was chattering the family was pulling on the tape measures and picking up everything on the counter while others tried on the peepers. By the time this group left my lunch was cold...thank you so much! (I ate it anyway don't you know.) But now I'll just sit and wait for my 9:30 lady...yes life in a needlework shop can be tough! But I'd rather be here working in a/c than doing road work (are they my only two choices?) I hear it's going to go to the 3 digits again today or what's new! I may never leave the shop again if that's the case. O.K., it's now Friday...usually a time for a big Whoppee!!! but honestly it's so darn hot out there I don't want to even think about it. So I'm once again back in the a/c and Salty Yarns. But today Renee was in this morning so I'm only doing the one that's reason to say Whoppee!!! The Hoffman order didn't arrive so no Prairie Schooler Santa for another 3 days...darn it. I'm tired of saying, "No I'm sorry while it's been published we just haven't got it in house yet." But we did receive the new Chatelaine chart by Martina..."The Sea Quilt." Of course it is spectacular...and I'm trying to figure out how I can fit this in to my already overpacked stitching line up. Last night in the shop I worked on my canvas work santa and I'm really loving doing this again. I thought I'd never go back to needlepoint, but canvaswork can be so much fun using the different fibers and different stitches. I can't wait to get a picture of this little guy and show you my progress. Tonight I've got to get back on the Bent Creek Quaker Noel row because Renee is sick of looking at the frame sitting on the cutting table. I just throw my stuff where ever and it frustrates the hell out of Renee....oops, sorry about that! Well I want to publish this before the info is another day old so I'll talk with you later. Wish me luck tonight...we're going into another weekend which means a whole new batch of people to see, some we love and others...well, let's just say they are a challenge to us. Have a great weekend and try to stay cool.

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Crochet Princess Beth said...

Your store is my favorite place to visit when I go to Ocean City. I know we all hope and pray this hurricane weakens, but you all please be safe! Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs and Love from a fellow crafter! Beth in Winchester, VA