Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today's a Great Day!!!! at least for now!

Yes, I am feeling fine, the meds are taking care of all pain, and I got a few hours of stitching in before going to work, so my day started out really well. And the sun was shining and the temps are moderate...oh, my spring is here folks. So I went to work with a smile on my face and a determination to get things done! Now that was a lost cause. I wanted to get some things cleared off my desk (the shop is still closed 3 days a week so I work in the office) but today Vernon and John decided to get some extra pieces of office furniture put in the office, where they did not fit so I spent the day clearing out spaces, cleaning it up for the cabinet only to find that the cabinet wouldn't work there. Back to the drawing board. We decided to stick it in Salty Yarn's storeroom so I went over there and moved all the crap that was in the space it could go in only to find that the boys decided to bring the cabinet in the back door, not through the front. Of course I had thrown all the crap in front of the back door and made a path from the front. So then I had to remove all the stuff and put it in the other room as it was easier for the boys to go through the back door now, than for them to lug it around to the front which at that point would have involved more stairs. I then went back over to the office only to find that they had disabled the internet connection when they took the original shelving out...which of course they then had to go retrieve it and put it back in since the cabinet wasn't going in there. So I didn't get a damn thing accomplished today except I cleaned the floor under the shelving which is now back in place so no one even knows it's been done. Personal satisfaction? I think Not! Since I've been out for over a week there's a lot to be done, especially with our Betsy Morgan class coming up in 10 days....oh, the excitement is mounting. I've been goodie bag shopping and hopefully will get this done in time (it's always questionable) and then I have 2 weeks before Spring Retreat...good God, no time people...I have no more time. Anyway, I found the darn camera so now I can show you some of the pictures I've taken ... The first picture is "Summer" by The Cross Eyed Cricket. I just can't wait to start on Spring, Winter and Autumn. I haven't quite figured out the frame yet, which is why I'm showing it to you unframed, but I'll be taking it to the framer soon and we will figure something out. The second picture is the Lizzie Kate "special edition" kit, "Peeps". This is the one Debbie Liming decided to stitch over one so that meant I had to do the same thing. Mine doesn't show the turkey work grass we decided to put in the basket....but I'm taking mine apart and adding it because it's so much cuter. Of course because of the size we weren't able to add the Jabco egg button which came with the kit, but I love it anyway. Since we carry the tin necklaces I was able to finish this in an hour....whoppee! You will see a trend here....I'm enjoying anything it takes one night to finish....yes and I'm not ashamed to admit it. The next picture shows my knitted bunny egg covers that take one night to knit. Aren't they cute....finally I've finished something that wasn't a scarf or a hat. These came from the Debbie Bliss, "The Knitter's Year which has fabulous projects inside. I've picked out a couple more projects from it and hopefully I'll find them as easy to knit as my "bunny heads". Fun, fun, fun, people...we're having fun. And the next picture is Debbie working on one of her projects (it took 2 weeks to get it on the website..she's back home stitching now) and Sara working on her latest pin cushion, Jabco's Snowman. She did this one start to finish in about 4 hours. We are carrying several of these pincushions as we love them all. They come with the buttons and pins you see adorning him. Cute, cute, cute. And they make wonderful gifts. I'm hoping this one will become my Christmas gift....hint, Sara, hint. That's Debbie's hand holding the Jabco Strawberry pincushion. She finished that in one sitting as well. Renee and Pat each did one while working in the shop one day. Love it!!!! The next picture shows the Fern Ridge "Spell Box" Debbie stitched. The box contains the spell book and a voodoo doll along with the pins. We all love Halloween and this is just the cutest kit. Comes with everything. I think there is one thing not finished so it's not shown, but I couldn't resist showing you Debbie's progress so far. She loves to stitch multiple projects and then sits down and finishes them all at once so everytime she comes down she's got plenty of show and tell. The last picture is a Shepherd's Bush pincushion (I think). I can't remember which kit it was, so I'm sorry but I wanted you to see it anyway. Lot's of finishes...I'm hoping she inspires me to finish some of my projects. I've had the rose cottage stitched to put on one of the Impie, Bea and Hattie pouches from the time the pouches came into the shop. It was suppose to be a sampler, however, we sold out of the pouches and so now it's just a treasure f
or me. I hope the pouch fairy shows up to put it together. And that explains a lot of what's in my finish box...what's in yours? Oh, I almost forgot to tell you what
came in the other day. You may remember my talking about the canvas work we're bringing in. Well, some has arrived and it's absolutely adorable. I really thought I'd never go back to needlepoint at all, but I've already got mine picked out and so does Sara. And I get to use the new Evertite Stretcher Bars....I've got goosebumps I tell you. Anyway, Beth Jernigan's group decided they wanted to stitch two of the Libby Sturdy canvases and when I saw them I decided we had to have the Beach Santa's, among others. They come with directions to tell you which stitches to use where. I've pulled the Summer Santa shown with the life saver and Sara is stitching the Paradise Santa. They some outlined on 18 ct. canvas and come with the stitching directions. When you are using a variety of stitches on needlepoint canvas they will stitch up quicker. Plus they are using all sorts of specialty threads, which we will also be carrying. Renee pulled one of the Nancy's Needle canvas pieces, and she hasn't seen these because I know she'll pull one of these too. Too many projects and not enough days in the week. Anyway, I've got to get back to stitching so I'll talk again tomorrow. Have a great night!

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Crystal said...

Oh my gosh Sally everything is SO cute! I really need to get back into my stitching habbit. I must say that my needles and fabric are lonely due to neglection from me. haha.