Sunday, July 4, 2010

Help...I'm falling asleep and I can't wake up!

OH, My God....I spent the day in the shop playing with Greg, Connie and Pat and now I'm suppose to be on the 4-10 shift and I'm so tired my eyes keep closing and I keep nodding off. But before I get started let me say, "Happy 4th of July!" O.K. now I can complain. I got to work today with the news that someone broke a pane in the front door at 4:00 a.m. and Vernon and Sara had them escorted off the property by the police. It was exactly this weekend last year when we had to deal with the crack Sara and Vernon were not about to put up with any crap from this couple...lessons learned! The town is a mad house from everyone coming in for the 4th...I'm telling you it's nuts down here. And we all know tonight is going to be awful...crowds of people and firecrackers going off day and night...oh, no I wish I was at your house! The weather has taken a's forecasted to be in the mid 90's. Oh my God, I almost choked saying that. I did turn on the a/c before I left home today, but to tell you the truth there's a breeze and it just didn't feel like it was in the 90's today. (now it's Monday...apparently I didn't post yesterday as was planned). Things are really quiet in here, you wouldn't know the season had finally started...I'm just sitting here putting up with the occasional, "Oh, it's a craft store!" And you know how livid that makes me! But I'm working on my attitude this year so I'm smiling and thanking everyone for coming in and waiting until they get on the other side of the door to say what I'm really thinking. You want to come in and look, I'm cool with that but when you have to make remarks...well I'm not cool with that. So if you are in my neighborhood, please feel free to walk in and look around, or just walk through, but please wait until you are on the other side of the door to make any remark about craft stores...because that is not what we are. We are a needleart shop and there's a least to us! Oh, my God, I just had someone ask for "string" meaning DMC and at the same time bought Belle Soie for a project? I don't understand that...surely she knows it's floss...oh, my..this is perplexing. Don't know what to think about that one. This past week was a tough one for us. We had to go to the attorney's office for depositions on the freight lift accident that took place last year. While I have tried to put this on the back burner, it was impossible since I had to be there. I was in the hot seat for 3 hours....and sitting in the office for 4 hours. Poor Sara and Vernon were there from 9:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. Vernon was on the hot seat for an hour and Sara never got there. She has to go back to give her deposition. Considering the fact that I knew nothing...3 hours seems a little excessive don't you think? His attorney grilled me for 10 minutes on my name alone. Now that is excessive. Never wanting to make anything easy, I have gone through 62 years apparently signing anyway I wanted...using my given name, my nickname, leaving off my middle name once married and using my maiden name as my middle name and his attorney couldn't understand any of it. He treated it like it was a conspiracy to fool everyone, instead of me just expressing myself at the moment. Now I realize that legally I had to use my given name and usually do, however, when MOSHA took my statement I used my nickname, and you would have thought I committed a crime. Add to that Sara Rutka is my daughter's name, well his head was about to explode...I'm just sorry it didn't. That might have kept us all awake. And of course since he thought I was an idiot he just kept asking the same questions in different ways. Unfortunately for him, I have watched enough legal shows on T.V. to be able to see through what he was doing. With each new question however, I was getting madder and madder at the waste of everyone's time. Then my attorney objected to a question he asked, and said not to answer, so he asked me the same question in a different way....sixteen times. O.K., I digress but some idiot is in here talking to me about stabbing needles in fabric to get out aggression. She always brings her friend in to show her the embroidery (which we don't sell by the way...another none needleworker). O.K., so after that attorney gets done with me...I get the attorney for the freight lift who has taken a picture of a wooden box in our attic which has a return address of Tehran on it. He gives me the picture and asks me to explain what the writing means. I think at that point I should have said this was a conspiracy by the terrorist to kill us one by one...but I was so shocked I just looked at the picture and said, "my brother served in the peace corps during the Vietnam War and he sent items home from Tehran so since his name is on the return on the box I'm assuming (genius that I am) that the box belonged to him and my father put it in the attic...but that's just a guess (something I said often during that deposition). I though heresay was no good, but apparently my guesses were.I spent an awful lot of time saying, I don't know, I don't remember and No. Maybe that's why it took 3 hours. O.K., once again someone asked me what the "string" costs...and when I said 54 they then asked, 54 cents. Just once I'd like to say no, 54 dollars. What the hell would be it other than cents for God's sake, it's 5 yds of floss, not even silk costs $54.00. Oh, mercy it must be time to's's going to be another long least I had the foresight to turn on the a/c before I left home...thank God! But if I think I have it bad, Nelsa Knight called today about her order and informed me she's going back to work tomorrow in a place without a/c. How is it possible that with 94 degrees you have no a/c? There was a time when we didn't have it here in Ocean City, but those days are long gone. There are days when a breeze is could die without a/c. I'm too old for this...I have to have it. I have been walking to work though, part of my new regimen to get somewhat healthy. Start walking and by fall I'll start walking further. In this heat walking to work is all I can manage. Debbie Brotzman is down this week with her family so sanity has returned to the shop. Love it when stitchers are in house, and know the difference between string and floss. Anyway, now I'm just babbling and bitching so I'll end here. Have a great week, in spite of the heat...stay cool and dry. Hope to see you down here during the summer.

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Rachel S said...

I hope things go a little better. I can't imagine not having A/C. Ugh.