Wednesday, November 4, 2009

C.A. Wells Weekend was a blast....

Just a glimpse of our beverage table complete with
eyeball goblets and skelton glasses..we had so much fun and even had a little trick or treater, my little Solomon who came as a golfer and brought his caddie, his mother Mary. At first he was so scared of the welcome man he could barely come in the door but eventually he tried to make friends with him too.

Just a few scenes from the hotel lobby where we held our annual C.A. Wells memorial weekend. The Noel Stocking if from Blackbird's Joyeux Book and done by Phyllis Yurack. The next picture shows Kathie Renard, Kay Fletcher and Stacy Stinson stitching away. Then you see Stacy again along with Jennifer Humphries. Everyone was busy stitching, eating, comparing notes and having just the best time as we spend 2 days just having fun being around people who enjoyed the same things. Does it get any better than this...I don't think so. Sara and I want to thank everyone who participated, especially Kay Fletcher who spent days cooking to keep us fed, Sara who also spent time fixing food and Stacy Stinson who brought one of her specialities to the table...yes we were certain not to starve, that's for sure. Here we see Linda and Candi hard at work. Poor
Linda is exhausted after helping Candi finish a
a project for Christmas (and I'm using the help word loosely). Candi was working on her Shepherd's Bush project (I've turned her into a Shepherd's Bush's good to have company. Thank God Candi is a fast stitcher because she finds something new for her stash every time she comes in.
The weekend got underway early as Debbie Liming and Phyllis Yurack arrived on Wednesday. They always bring us show and tell and Debbie, especially, had been working day and night finishing up many projects she had started. Remember the Casket Etui from Blue Ribbon designs, well, Debbie is the only person I know who ever finished it and it's absolutely adorable. But on black over one...oh, my what a project...but so worth it if you have the patience and the eyes. While that was the most impressive to me she brought several other projects, a Liberty Hill project from years ago...a round box in which you find a pin cushion you's so cute... finished which ranged from adorable to fabulous. Good job Debbie! Phyllis had brought her big pile in during Jamboree so while she had several projects with her, her one exciting finish was the Halloween Box given out at Jamboree from Prairie Moon Designs...with a pumpkin that is stitched on black on the top. She did a wonderful job, and it's so cute. Best of all she finished off the inside using scrapbooking paper and it's as cute as the outside. What a wonderful idea. In the picture at left she had not finished putting the cording around the inside bottom obviously, but you get the picture. Isn't it cute? And imagine it with a set of smalls and needlework supplies inside. A wonderful sewing box for Halloween. Then she also brought in, completely finished her Catherine Jordan class piece and it is wonderful. She painted the box a dark blue which I feel really sets this piece off beautifully. The rest of the stitchers arrived early on Saturday with Linda Wimbrow, Candi Whitehead and Jennifer Humphries getting here to open the doors at 10:00 a.m. Kathie Renard and Kay Fletcher arrived with tons of food which lasted us for 2 days (you have never seen such an array). Stacy Stinson also arrived with a crock pot of beef for sandwiches and of course our Sara brought some of her we weren't going to starve..that's for sure. Greg McCord also showed up to help us celebrate the memorial to C.A. Wells. Sara had also done up the lobby in rare form. Greeting the stitchers was a special character with a special greeting and our purpose for the weekend. We have turned this memorial into quite an event. Kay Fletcher made goodie bags ....or tins I should say as each of us got a small tin holding candy and a pair of Halloween socks. Sara, Debbie, Phyllis and I made goodie bags with fun stuff inside to give to everyone, so we ended up with each of us getting 2 goodie bags...and who doesn't love a goodie bag.
Sara had so fully decorated the lobby that we had people stopping in all weekend to ask if this was a haunted house. Going up the stairs to the first floor was our "I'd turn back if I was you" along with the pumpkin man, all of which lit up. Hanging off pictures and mirrors were huge black and red spiders. We had legs hanging out of drawers and arms hanging out of things. And we had Matilda the witch sitting in the T.V. cabinet with a bowl of beads to hand out. It was a wonderful weekend and we all had a great time. But the Halloween decorations are now a thing of the past and C.A. Wells Memorial weekend has ended. Can't wait to see what next year brings. But everyone has inspired me to get busy stitching so I thank everyone for participating. Also in the mood were Pat and Renee who worked the shop. They both sported the cutest little witch hats, handed out candy goodie bags to customers and Renee particularly who covered herself with everything Halloween, from head to toe. Yes, Halloween is one occasion we all can get into to. Have a great week...

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Love all the pictures....especially the little golfer! Thanks for sharing them.