Monday, October 6, 2008

What fun we had...sorry if you missed it!

Delaware Valley Guild is now just a pleasant memory, but what a good time we had. Some new faces were with the group, but many of the old faces were here so we felt right at home. I had been warned by my Sara that I wasn't to intrude on the guild since it wasn't an event we were hosting so I tried to restrain myself, but they were very kind to say that I was invited to sit with them and stitch if I wanted...which I wanted but had no strength to do but you can believe my mouth was flapping (I know you all find that hard to believe). The projects that these stitchers were working on were fabulous....big pieces, like Long Dog Samplers, no little one night projects for these stitchers. The weather was gorgeous...sunny, not real hot and during the day not too cold, so the stitchers were able to sit outside on the rockers for a while each day to stitch. All the stitchers were excited to meet Ruth Sparrow (designer Behind Twisted Threads) who along with Stasi Buhrman (she ran Ruth's shop when she lived in Ohio) were having a mini retreat here and helped Sara and I with this retreat. In fact, Ruth and Stasi cut fabric for me during the retreat (thank God!). Debbie H. from Enfield, Ct., brought me the most gorgeous roll-up for needlework...the colours were so lush, deep burgundy prints...wonderful which I've already got in use as we speak. I had admired hers last year so was surprised and thrilled when she brought me one as a gift. There were some new faces this year at the retreat and it's always nice when newbies are included. Our own Linda W. joined Stacy S. this year and Jean M. a firecracker in her 70's was attending and she was the spirit of the event. She was so much fun to be around. While I had warned everyone about my Thursday night T.V. schedule, I slipped out early exhausted which was a good thing because Sara told me the next day that they didn't even watch Survivor they watched Ugly you know if I was there that would not have happened. Good thing I left. Anyway, ladies it was a pleasure to have you here and a lot of fun to boot!

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