Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Windy but beautiful

Yes, the wind will darn near blow you away, but the sun is shining and it's a beautiful day here in Ocean City. The waves are kicking up a bit, but who cares, I'm not going swimming anyway. Yesterday marked the beginning of the second season here in Ocean City. Sunfest which was held Thursday thru Sunday of last week marked the official end of the summer season. And were we busy, good Lord, the folks were here and they were shopping. Debbie L. was here for a convention, and Phyllis Y. also came down and we had a mini retreat over the weekend, so I'm now officially back on track. I don't know how that is possible since I don't think I stitched one thing, but my mind was on track and I was thinking of picking up a needle, it's just that hands weren't connecting with my brain. But...when I got up each morning I stitched like a banshee (I'm assuming they too stitch) from about 4:30 a.m.-8:30 a.m. So folks, it's official...I'm back to stitching. The problem now is I'm so backed up (with stitching that is) that figuring out what to pick up next is a problem. I'm swamped with fabric, patterns, etc., and still have so many unfinished projects...HELP!!!! And much to my surprise, I got treats from the girls...and we all know I love my treats. Phyllis brought me the cutest tins, and there were probably 5 of them in the bag (and thank God they still had the chocolate in them). They are so cute and a few of them in different sizes in the shape of a hershey kiss....and then a couple of square tins from Hershey. I can't wait to stitch something for them...it's going to be special. Thanks Phyllis, and Debbie, brought me a pattern that I was dying for and have checked ebay for almost a year a few times a week to see if anyone was trying to sell it. It's a Just Nan stitching case done on pink gingham linen...cute cute and cuter. She also brought me a Merry Cox kit (yes the fabric and thread was in it)... and the Kelmscott Needle minder with the seahorse....all I can say is "SCORE". I am humbled by the generosity of stitchers. Thanks Debbie, I love my new stash. I'll take it one day at a time, but first I still have to finish Theresa W's jamboree ornament/whatever. Debbie brought down many of her almost finished projects, she's been working like a dog...and Phyllis brought down her sheep with every one of his blankets done (well 2 she finished here), and she brought her On The Bay piece which was beautifully stitched. I love their trees, and the finished piece looked just like the oil paintings you see in older Victorian homes. I loved it. And Debbie (also like a child with shiny objects apparently...decided to start and almost finished the new Crescent Color kit with the quarter moon and alphabet. I couldn't believe how quickly she stitched that because she was actually here for a seminar for work). Yesterday as Debbie and Phyllis were saying good bye in walked Shiela F. & Trudy E. to start their retreat. And...they brought gifts for Sara, Mary and me. They brought us black and white cookies from Wegman's. Needless to say, it took me less than 30 seconds to rip into the packaging and take a bite...oh, my these are good. I did hold my self back and ate only 1 yesterday...God only knows what I'll eat today...in fact I'm going back now to get one so I have the strength to finish this blog. My God...we have become a retreat hotel...and thank God. There isn't a stitcher in the world who would cause any problems (or is there), so we love our stitchers. So yesterday afternoon we had show and tell with them (well we didn't show anything, but we were very good about looking at theirs). My God, Shiela must have done 20 ornaments for Christmas gifts...gorgeous and so much work involved. And she finished them herself...beautiful! Trudy brought a Betsy Stinner piece that was lovely as all Betsy's pieces are. She also brought a stained glass piece by Stoney Creek and inserted in their frame and it too was striking, and then she brought out a tray in which she had inserted an iris done on canvas...exquisite. You know after viewing all this beautiful stitching, I was even in more of a mood to stitch so Sara told me to skip working the desk and go on home, which I did so I could get stitching...and I stitched. I see the light at the end of the Theresa Wood tunnel, but it's still a distance away. I really feel I might just complete this before Jamboree...I know I can, I know I can. Now...I've filled you in on stitching, but now I have to rant about something. At the store our policy on closing is...if you are in the shop when we close, you have the right to shop as long as you want. O.K., that said, if you are in the shop after it closes, I mean any shop, would you not feel a little urgency to finish shopping and get out? Well, the two women yesterday felt no such urgency. They strolled around, and talked, and strolled some more and then while one of them looked around the other came to the counter to fascinate me with her tales...which so didn't do the trick. First as so many like to tell me, "I've done one of everything in your store." Well first of all that's a load of crap, even I haven't done one of everything, and frankly judging by the 2 things which she purchased, she wouldn't buy anything over the price of $7.00 to begin with. I mean she talked about needing a new pair of readers until she saw the price was $13.00 and then she decided that was too expensive. And it wasn't so much what she said as the fact that when she said it her eyes rolled back (almost to the back of her head) and her mouth would go into the strangest shape so I was so distracted by that I couldn't quite focus on what she was saying, so I was a mess by the time these ladies left the shop, and tired I have to say. I was thankful it was my last day in the shop this week. I'm just too tired and definitely need a break. It is now Saturday night and I'm finishing up some of the work on my desk...long overdue. I can't figure out how it keeps accumulating...I get it down and the next day it's piled up again. anyway, Shiela and Trudy left today so we are without retreaters at the moment, however, Staci B. and Ruth S. are due in next week along with the stitchers from the Delware Valley Guild...oh, we're excited. Now, I would be remiss if I didn't discuss Survivor which had it's 2 hour debut on Thursday (I think it was). Anyway, how long has this show been on...7 or 8 years and wouldn't you think by now that each person who wants to try out would be watching every episode for tips? Well, apparently Jan (I think her name was) missed all 7 years or the idiot would have know to pick strong men and not pick mothers like herself. For God's sake people you are challenged in strength categories most of the time and who does she pick for her team...every weak person she laid her eyes on. Now that doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with those people...I'm sure they are lovely, but if winning a million dollars depends on your winning challenges based on strength...well so long mom and hello to the big strapping dude standing next to her. Now having said that, she is certainly not the only loose nut that was on her team (they got rid of her 2nd so they won't be able to blame her any longer)...there are a few weak players on that team...in fact, this is going to be a season where I feel the other team will win every challenge. So much for the 60 year olds. You know what is truly sad...I looked at her and thought, my I would never even consider doing this at her age, kudos to this woman, and then they said her age....60...the same as me. I thought the woman was older than I was.... I'm beginning to think perhaps I should look in a mirror and be truthful to myself. I never think of myself as 60...I'm not sure how old I really think I am...but never 60. I also look at the ladies around me who are 60, and I went to school with and they don't look 60 either to me. Am I lying to myself or what? I do live in a fairy wonderland (or at least it seems that way at times). Oh, by the way, the needlework show is still on-line although I think Sunday may be the last day....so if you want to see some new stuff, take a look. They even have a company where they use 4 letter words I'm never allowed to use (although I do)...but I found it shocking to think someone would actually stitch the "F" word and hang it up somewhere. I can't imagine doing such a thing....not that it's wrong should any of you do it. Maybe I'd do it as a joke...no, I don't think I would want anyone thinking I'd stitch it or hang it. I may be a prude...I'll let you know! I'm going to publish this tonight since I've been writing it since the beginning of the week. Have a great Sunday, come on down when you get a chance because there aren't so many people here now.

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