Friday, April 3, 2020

Finally a finish....

But before I discuss the finish I've seen a big difference in activity in O.C.  Last week I took this picture on March 27th, which was a beautiful sunny day and I was scooting down the boardwalk to the shop to pick up supplies and encountered many people at a time we were supposed to be in quarantine, and the boardwalk is closed to everyone but Ocean City residents.  I can guarantee everyone I saw was not a resident.
The beach and ocean - March 27, 2020

Today, when I went to the shop to drop off and pick up new charts to get on the internet, and yes, to pick up supplies for myself,  there wasn't anyone on the boards but me.  Going home I saw one woman with 2 children and that was it.  I think people are getting the message to stay put, at least I hope they are.  Salty Yarns is closed like most of the stores, even though I think we are necessary for the mental health of the stitchers, but this is an argument for another day.  Sara works in there taking orders and getting mail orders out so the stitchers don't run out of things to do.  (I say that with humor as I know most of us could be shut up indefinitely and still never run out of projects to stitch.)  Sara and I are both get a lot of stitching in, but while Sara is working on the finishing of some of her class projects, which are fabulous and she's done a wonderful job so far, I, of course, am working on models for the shop.  While I normally finish my projects after stitching them so they are delivered to the shop every Friday, with the shop closed I haven't felt the rush to do that.  So they are piled on the table...UGH and of course now I don't feel like doing the finishing.  So today I decided I had to start, as it certainly isn't going to get done if I don't start soon.  The first finish is Lucky Berry, the strawberry from Erica Michaels.  I've said it before, I'm infatuated with these berries.  I use the silk berry charts to get all the detail then stitch on linen, 28, 32, or 36.  I really would prefer to stitch on the smallest linen but lately 32 becomes my go-to just because it's easier for me to see.  I stitched Lucky on 32 ct. Platinum linen using the recommended fibers.  While you can't see the lines on the pattern, there are lines stitched with a light fiber that on my linen didn't show up so I used a light green (DMC 3347) to stitch those lines.  Other than that I used the called for fibers.      
Before Finishing

 Top of the Berry-Circle of Wool first 
then single hearts on top of the wool
then the cap with the hanger

The back

The Front

One Side

Other Side 

So now I'll move on to finish the next piece....Mr. Bunn E Tail, by With Thy Needle & Thread.  Hopefully, I'll get it done tomorrow.  But for today, I'm done and back to stitching.  I was trying to finish stitching the last piece of My Stitcher's Heart, the pincushion, but due to Vernon's intervention, I have had to start Liz Mathews Spring Quilt Tree.  I have a fascination for her tree series and want to stitch many of them and asked Vernon to make a base....he's done about a dozen and I've yet to stitch it, so I'm on it now but it's been a slow go so far.  Not hard, don't know what my problem is.  Hopefully tonight I'll get a run going.  
Whatever happens I'll keep you posted.  There are so many projects and I have so little time to get these things done.  But I'll press forward and keep the fingers moving as quick as I can.  I know a lot of you are stitching like crazy because I see the posts.  Keep it up, you serve as an inspiration to the rest of us.  And it gives us plenty to do during this crisis.  Please stay home and stitch and don't venture out for a break.  I know it's a little hard but it could mean your life or your loved one's life so let's do this the right way so we can get through it and be able to get back to our lives.  To all the medical personnel who are risking their lives by fighting this on the front lines, Thank you for all you are doing.  I can't even imagine the pain and anguish of fighting at the front.  You are our heroes!  Stay safe everyone and I'll be talking to you tomorrow.  Keep the needle moving.

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