Saturday, December 6, 2014

ops, forgot to post this last week....sorry!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.  We had a quiet Thanksgiving day.  Sara and I were busy getting food prepared,  but in between cooking I would sit and stitch, so I had a good time.  No school, just fun and cooking.  Yes it was a good day and of course the Nor'easter was on Wednesday so by Thursday things had really calmed down.  Then on Friday we were back at work.  Yes, now that we are on winter schedule, I'm back at work in the shops.  Ocean City is busy during this holiday weekend, plenty of folks visiting for the holiday so business was steady which helps so you don't have time to get bored.  I also kept working on Christmas presents so I'm confident (at least for now) I'll have them completed.  A good feeling.  But when I look at all the projects, sitting in bags around my stitching chair (or sofa) I find it hard to celebrate since there are 5 or 6 bags stuffed and overflowing with projects just calling my name.  And everytime  I work I pull more projects that I think I want to do....oh, my I need stitcher's rehab.  Anyway, I did put together a couple of projects, the first is Purple Thread's,  "Back to Spool" which was a fun project, and while I ended up constructing it my own way, still a cool way to display your scissors.  The 2nd picture is the Lizzie Kate kit, "dear Rudolph".  Both projects come as complete kits, so there was no visit to a fabric shop (which only costs me a lot more than just 2 pieces of fabric).  I did use beads on the "Back to Spool" which are not included because she didn't call for them, but you know how I like to add a little something and for this piece it was beads along the center row.  But aside from the beads on that one kit, everything else is included in the kit, the threads, linen, and in the Lizzie Kate all beads, buttons, embellishments as well as the ric-rac.  It is always a great feeling to get a piece totally finished, and hanging up or sitting out to be admired.  How many stitched pieces do you have just sitting there waiting for it to be put together, or framed?  I think we all have them so don't feel too sad.  It makes the completion of a project so much sweeter knowing we can do it, even if we don't do it every time.  This weekend is also the kick-off (so to speak) of the Christmas season, so trees are going up and lights being hung.   Sara has her house all decorated, but she does leave in about 10 days for Jamaica so she really has to do it ahead of time.  Mary and I, well we're going to get our homes decorated, it's just going to take a while.  Especially with my dining room serving as my one room schoolhouse. 

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