Saturday, October 25, 2014

What a wonderful weekend we had, of course I forgot to take pictures so on the last day I asked Lynn Fitzgibbons to show off what she had done, so that's Lynn modeling her project from La D Da's class. Then it's Sharon (Purple Thread) showing Debbie Brotzman something on her IPad.  The next picture show the pins Sharon is selling the kits for.  So much fun we put the kits in the goodie bags for the stitchers.  The bottom left shows the front of the the Friendship book (at least Lynn's), the Friendship design that was part of the original kit was changed by a few into something else like Lynn did.  All of them were great and certainly personalized the book for each stitcher.  Then you see the insert given for the inside of the book.  The right picture is the "Forget Me Not" bag which is one of the newer Shepherds Bush kits which I finished during the weekend.     It was interesting the differences in the stitchers work.  Some did their own design, or added a little something personal to Lori's design but everyone took home a finished name tag holder (pockets in front and back I believe) win!  As if that wasn't enough to take home for one weekend, they also finished the mini friendship book which was the class taught by Needlework Press' Vickie and Maegan Jennett.  These two classes were both pre-stitches and the stitchers put the projects together here.  Which proved to be a winning combination.  3 classes total and 2 projects completely finished.  The third class was with Sharon of Purple Thread and it was a little box, for stitching "things"...they did finish the thimble box (pictured) which is part of the project and it is put together exactly like the bigger box  so everyone knows exactly what to do when they get home with that project.  Fun classes, fun weekend and a group of wonderful stitchers.  There was no drama, no cooperated somewhat...we did see a little rain, but it wasn't a downpour so we were good.  And many of the stitchers brought show and tell and I just love to see what everyone is doing so that is always fun for me.  I should be taking pictures, but I never remember that until afterwards.  Darn!  I spent Thursday night trying to get all 3 pieces of the Shepherds Fold done to show and while I managed to get it together, I didn't put the ribbon on the pin cushion, or the cording on the fob and the box lid was just wedged into the box, but it looked done so it was on display and I was thrilled...a finished a project..all 3 pieces and now I've caught up on that one club.  Whoppee!!!!  It really feels great to be finished with something like that....of course it was my own fault because I changed the design and couldn't figure out what the heck to do.  Brother I'll rethink that next time (you know I'll forget what a pain it was and do it all over again.)  Sunday a great many trudged on home, but several stayed until Monday before they wandered away and Wednesday Debbie turned for home so now it's just Sara, Mary and myself.  With the hotel closed, Mary has moved home, bless her heart.  She is stuck in the hotel from May 1st until after the Jamboree.  I'm back to homeschooling, but I'm telling you it was rough trying to get back on schedule because I was exhausted from the weekend.  And then on the 19th, Sara, Mary  and I took a girl's weekends during which we took a felting class in Pennsylvania and made a witch, a pumpkin and a cat.  Or should I restate that Mary and Sara did.  I got the witch done, but of course I want to redo part of her so that's an on-going project.  I did like my pumpkin, or most of it so I'm going to finish that with a little help from my fiber stash and the cat, well let's just say he needs much help, all of which I intend to get to sometime in the near future...O.K., no time soon.  But it was great spending time with the girls.  They helped me step out of the box I live in (it's where I'm most comfortable), by constantly referring to me as stuck in my ways. I'll be the first to admit I've never liked trying new things..I'm comfortable knowing what's coming.  However I took the challenge and said, "Let's eat at the Thai Restaurant.  While they were skeptics about my being able to find something to eat, I did and it went really well.  I ordered something which I liked so it was a win win.  Friday night we also ate at an unfamiliar restaurant and I enjoyed the food there.  I was a lot more comfortable than Sara, as neither restaurant served liquor...uh, oh....but I'm pleased to say Sara lived through the no alcohol dinner just fine.  We also got to eat at our favorite Cheesecake Factory on the ride up and on the ride back....winner winner!  Anyway, we had a wonderful weekend and now for Sara it's back to work, I'm back to homeschooling and Mary, well she's now laying on a beach in Puerto Rico.  I'm also back to skatepark sitting since I promised Mary I would help with the boys. This is her first time away from the children and she's having a bit of a hard time with it.   Debbie is due in again today.  We have our annual C.A. Wells weekend next weekend and Debbie is getting a head start.  We seem to live for our events and start working on the next one the minute one is finished.  Of course, this is such a fun time with the lobby decked out for Halloween, and food, food and more food all weekend together with other stitchers.  Although, I think we are going to be working in groups this weekend since Sara, and Debbie are working on the finishing of one of Betsy Morgan's pieces and I'll probably work on the Welsh Cottage with Linda Wimbrow.  I swear I'm getting that piece done before the end of the year if I have to stay up until midnight every night.  Homeschooling is like going back to work for me.  I spend so many hours preparing, then about 5 hours a day working with Michael and then a couple of hours more preparing for the next day...well, my stitching is taking the hit.  I'm so exhausted each day I no longer wake up during the night so I don't get those late night stitching hours in.  But he's on vacation for about 12 days around the 2nd week in December so I'm hoping to get the Welsh Cottage finished and put together during that time period (at least I've got a plan).  In the meantime, instead of working on it I'm still working on Something Wicked the mystery sampler from SamSarah Designs.  I'm on the bottom pumpkin so I can see the end, but I still have the outline words of Something Wicked to do.  I'm concerned about doing that lettering as it's just not that easy.  I tried to count it on the linen, but because it was not designed around the graph it can't be counted on as shown and maintain the shape.  So I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that.  Sara has offered to take a look and see if she can figure something out, and I may just let her.  Someone gave up and just did cross stitch, and while there was nothing wrong with that I'm still in love with the way it was stitched and trying to do something close to that.  I hate it when I have to work this hard to stitch something, but the reward may be a fabulous Halloween piece.  Anyway, I've got to get this done so I can move on to Christmas gifts.  My God, it's coming quickly.  Thanksgiving is also rapidly approaching.  As usual I'm too far behind to have a relaxing weekend so I'll end here so I can get to it.  I've got stitching and skatepark duty to get to. Have a wonderful, sunny, warm weekend.  It's going to be in the 70's today and it's sunny here so we're loving life right now.


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