Friday, September 12, 2014

Wonderful Stitching Weekend....

Our stitchers started to arrive on Thursday last week for the Jackie DuPlessis weekend but the airlines kept Amy Wilson wondering if she was ever going to arrive.  She was due in on Thursday, but due to glitches with the airlines she didn't get here until Friday.  Thankfully she arrived with a smile on her face and a shopping bag filled to the brim with some of her finished stitching.  Debbie Liming was the last to arrive, due to her daughter's wedding which took place on Saturday.  Determined not to miss a class she arrived on Sunday around noon.  So Sunday, the last day of classes everyone was here and in place.  We also had our glitches, like a reception that never took place.  When Mary sent out the confirmations she said there would be a reception on Friday night, but due to my homeschooling Michael I'm not working in the shop at all anymore and by this time of year we are down to a skeleton crew with workers going ba to school, etc.  Therefore, Sara was working the shop until closing so there was no way for us to do the reception.  Thankfully, everyone understood and didn't mind us having a small reception in the shop on Saturday night.  So all in all, everything went well.  The weather cooperated by not storming, however, we had the hottest Saturday of the summer...91 degrees at the skatepark (let's face it, I live there at this point).  But Sunday it dropped to 71 and a breeze kicked up so it wckas really pleasant.  Of course after that the the storm was suppose to roll in and we were definitely suppose to get wet.  But that's O.K. because that would take me off park duty after school....whoppee!!!  Back to stitching.  With park duty and homeschooling, my stitching time is really down.  By the time I'm out of the park after homeschooling it's around 7:30-8:00 p.m. and to tell you the truth all I want to do is sleep, so I try to pick up my stitching I only get a few stitches in.  But I did manage to finish one of the designs of the new Shepherd's Bush, "Halloween Trifles" chart.  There are actually three charts, Halloween, Boo & Eek.  Since I intend to make another carrier (Like the Gathering of sheep, by Chessie & Me that was attached to the wooden carrier tote) I will be stitching all 3 designs on this chart (when does that ever happen?).  So I've started Eek which will be the scissor fob and Boo will be a needlebook.  So cute.   Fun stitch.  But nothing compared to the stitching brought for show and tell by Amy Wilson.  OMG...unbelievable.  She brought the "Mermaids Needlework Treasures" by Amy Mitten...I've loved this piece since I saw it so for me to get to see it in person and finished...unbelievable.  That for me was the crowning glory, although it was almost a tie with Hampton Court which everyone here had watched being built stitch by stitch by Amy over the course of several weeks.  Stunning, simply Stunning.  She also brought the Jackie DuPlessis piano, which is unbelievable.  Really, every piece she pulled out of that bag was gorgeous.  Project after project we were able to pick up and really look at it closely.  Both the stitching and the finishing were flawless.  It just makes you want to stitch faster and better.  And since it rained 2 nights this week, no skatepark,  I was able to get in some stitch time after I was actually able to get all three designs done on the chart.  But I'll show you the complete finished set another day, but the picture here is of the one design that I'll be putting on the front of the carrier.  This is bike week here in Ocean City so the town in full to overflowing with the bikers.  This year is going to be a challenge for them as we've had the most rain we've had all summer this week and it's raining right now and it's suppose to rain tomorrow so I'm not sure what that means for their riding...not much fun in the rain, but I'm hoping they get some ride time in since that's what they are in town for.  Anyway, I'll try to check in with you tomorrow...after all it's the weekend, although that means I'm usually babysitting or park sitting, but I'll try.  Have a great weekend.

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