Saturday, August 10, 2013

I'm all about these boxes for the moment...another one finished...again Shepherd's Bush..."Say Thanks" with a Thanksgiving theme I believe.  Anyway, I love these designs and boxes but don't put any of the words on them because it isn't necessary for me.  I also finished the Lizzie Kate Halloween Mystery Sampler from 2012 which I will show tomorrow as soon as I put the new charms, etc. on it.  You see, I didn't have one of these cute little boxes sitting next to my chair,  to store my embellishments for my works in progress,  so of course I mislaid the embellishment pack for the first chart and I didn't want to use the charms given in the second chart because...well I wanted more of a Halloween theme going (there's a key charm and a star included) so I ordered a skeleton charm, a coffin charm and a witches head charm to choose from and so that decision still has to be made as the charms just got here last night and I'm stilling making a decision.  Meanwhile I've moved ahead and have almost finished the second part of the Little House Needleworks Mystery Sampler....and as usual I have had a few issues with it.  I love, love, love Little House Needleworks...but as with everything there are things I would change and so I do.  That doesn't mean there was anything wrong with the original design, I just have to make the design my own.  That's allowed!  Since part 3 is now out, although it hasn't shown up here yet, I want to have this finished by Sunday and I think I can do it.  I better since I've got so much in my todo bag as it is..I need to stay up nights to get it all done.  Wednesday I had the day off (whoppee!!!) and did nothing but stitch all day.  I only read when I was in the bathroom and wouldn't allow myself out on the porch to read as I need to get these pieces stitched.  I didn't do one load of wash, nor did I run the mop or sweeper or anything else...I sat and stitched from morning until I went to bed.  I had the best time ever.  Boy if this is what retirement is like...sign me up!  But I'm back to reality and working tonight.  Molly Linkz stopped by tonight...she and Sandy  were both here the other day and it's always nice to talk to a stitcher and find out what they are working on.  Judy Brunclik also stopped by the other day...she has finally made the move to our area, she's up in Delaware but close enough and thinks she will be joining our stitching group so that's exciting.  Welcome Judy, glad to have you near.   I get so inspired by God I check out blogs constantly and I can't wait to get back to my needle.  If you are feeling like you are in a funk....and can't seem to get motivated....check out the needlework blogs....and I'm always checking out the "Largest collection of smalls."  I am so aggravated with myself as the other night at work (where I seem to do my most blog reading) I came across someone's blog who worked on the most fabulous projects, a lot of class pieces, mostly class pieces really, I saw Betsy Morgan's class piece, Amy Mitten's pieces (including the mermaid treasure piece) and now I can't find it again or remember who it was.  I was trying to show Sara...and I've spent half the week going to various blogs trying to locate this one.  It was truly inspirational.  But alas, I haven't discovered it again, but I've seen some wonderful blogs, so if you are blogging and showing your work, keep it is motivational.   

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Syd said...


Not sure but this may be the blog you were looking for: I know that she currently working on Mermaid Piece.

See you in September.