Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's over and we are exhausted.....

We are always excited to see our annual October Stitching event come and since we know that this is really the end of the season for us we are a little sad to see it end.  However, the older I get the more exhausted I have become by Sunday that it takes me a week to unwind and get rested.  So I've had a few days to get sleep and worked less so I'm almost feeling human again, but I have to say, it was a great event, the teachers were fabulous and the stitchers appeared to have a great it was a win win for everyone.  Theresa (Shakespeare's Peddler) taught the stitchers to do a "passport pincushion" which the stitchers loved because it brought out their creative side.  A few finished theirs over the weekend and no two are ever alike, so it was interesting to see what everyone did... using "bits and bobs" of linen, lace, rick rack, buttons, charms etc.  Very cute!  Then Belinda (Blue Ribbon) taught one of her fabulous samplers, titled "Feathers, Flowers & Fruit" which included a framed sampler, a scissor fob and an ort recepticle.  Her class was wonderful and the stitchers learned some of her best tips and secrets.   Donna (By the Bay) taught the stitchers to do stumpwork and wool work in creating an eyeglass case.  Several stitchers also finished this over the weekend and took home a finished piece...Kudo's !
So a good time was had by all.  We had 54 stitchers, which included our very own token male...imagine 1 man and 53 women...he's a great sport and even stitched his own name tag this year (I told him he really needed one last year).  It was so cute because it had his name on he front and when he flipped it up it said Token Male.  Anyway, the weather was nights but sun shining during the day so everyone could sit outside if they wanted to.  Sunday was the first exodus of stitchers with the remaining leaving on Monday except for Syd and Debbie and they pulled out on Tuesday.  But we closed the hotel part of the operation on Monday.  So now just the Salty Yarns and Sea Trader will be open everyday.  Also on Sunday our Connie worked her last day before retiring.  So I'm back on the schedule for 5 days a week.  But at least I will be taking off at least one day...I need one day in the office until Thanksgiving at which time we go to 4 days a week open.  Oh, I almost forgot, one of my favorite parts of Jamboree is seeing finished pieces that stitchers bring for show and tell, and this year was no different.  Seeing all the different projects just makes me want to go home and stitch 24/7, don't you feel the same way?  It is so inspiring, and really gets my creative juices flowing.  Oh, I had a not so creative moment today, in fact it  made me feel really stupid, I was taking my shower for work and while standing there washing my hair THE light went out.  I knew that couldn't be a good sign and mentally thought about the bill but knew I had paid it so figured they were working on it somewhere.  Fortunately I was able to finish the shower and when I looked outside saw no trucks which wasn't a good sign.  Then Brian called me to see if it was out downstairs and I said yes and told him to call DP & L.  I then walked into my bathroom, sat down and tried to blow dry my hair.  Took me a few minutes to realize I Had No Electric.  Mary called and said it was out in the south end of town (which is where I live and work)...and like an idiot I thought, no problem, I'll just take my hair dryer to work and blow dry it the south end of town.  I really felt my age when I arrived at the shop which had to electricity and realized I couldn't dry it there either.  Long story's amazing how much I depend on electricity.  I could have sat outside in the sun and it would have dried my hair...but you just know I'm not doing that.  Thank God he electric returned at 10:15 a.m.  And my hair was still wet, so I didn't drag my hair dryer here for nothing...horray!  Anyway, I have to start working now...Sara and I are alone in the shop today so it will be a miracle if we both live through the day.  So have a great day it is sunny and bright with the ocean a little darker as there must be a storm somewhere, but it's so warm I think I'm going to have to turn on the a/c.  I hope you have a great day to you later.


Theresa said...

Thanks for a great time, ladies. It was so much fun to see your lovely hotel, the bountiful offerings of your shop, and meet your very kind and talented stitchers. Hope I can come back some time to Ocean City!

Rachel S-H said...

Just wanted to send you a note to let you know I was thinking of you and everyone else in OC during the storm. I hope the hotel and shop didn't sustain too much damage, and that you are all OK.

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