Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Morning...things are looking up

Last night was uneventful...Lee's wife and daughter (from Malibu's next door) came over and we played games while Solomon camped out in an apartment and Izzie, well it was business as usual for him, running around and getting attention. Poor Vernon was so exhausted from boarding up that he went to take a nap early in the evening and we never saw him again. But this morning he says he woke up around 1:30 a.m. and went back to bed 1 hour later and he and I were both first to wake up and are now sitting here doing our thing. The good news is Irene is downgraded and is now a category 1 hurricane, which is frankly what it was suppose to be when it came by our shore anyway, but you just never know. The bad's still a huge storm and so we will be sitting here in the rain with wind gusts for almost 24 hours. But we'll take that and be thrilled that's all we're getting. The worst part for us is we have to entertain Solomon, Izzie and Michael for the next 24 hours inside. I'm not Sara will make it through this without plenty of alcohol involved....but you know I'll keep you posted on that! It's such a shame that everyone had to leave so early because Friday was gorgeous here. The sun shone, the beach was empty and the water was even calm. So it was really a perfect beach day. And last night the kids were able to stay outside and skateboard on the boardwalk, ride bikes,etc., which is not allowed in the summer. In fact skateboarding on the boardwalk is never allowed, so this was such a treat for the kids. I will say the police were vigilant and rode up and down the boardwalk all evening. And the best looters at the Lankford. And I don't expect any with the rain outside so I think "ole sparky" is going to sit dormant once again. The only threat we've had is Izzie's diaper and even that wasn't so bad. But today...well it's raining here and it's what we will be looking at all day. At this point there isn't much wind, but the ocean is churning up. The waves have not started lapping at the sea wall though so that's good. We all know that will be happening as soon as the gusts are here and then we will have the sand being blown onto the boardwalk so there will definitely be clean up going on as soon as this is over, but hopefully it won't be that much to do and the boardwalk isn't our responsiblity so we don't care how much sand ends up there. We will have enough to do just undoing all the preparations Vernon made. He got all front windows boarded up, signs down, etc. Our lobby looks like winter, signs were taken down and sitting here, some of the tools used yesterday sitting here, screen doors removed and sitting here...and that's the worst we have to get it all back up to get open again. We also have enough water bottles sitting here to take care of our thirst for a month, but better to have too many supplies as not enough. Well, I'm going to get some stitching done. Yes sir, this is a snow day for me and that means I don't get out of my P.J.'s and I stitch until Solomon gets up and comes down for me to play with him. Michael sleep in my room last night, poor thing has been clinging to Sara, Vernon or myself for the past 24 hours. While he wouldn't say it, he was scared to death of this whole thing. I'm sure it didn't help that I couldn't stop watching the weather channel, however, last night while we played games with the kids I did turn it off to try to calm Michael's nerves. Now that I know it's downgraded I think I can live with it off today. So today the Lankford Hotel becomes Sally's we concentrate on keeping children occupied. They are going to be playing hide and seek throughout the building and for the first time they get to run the halls and slam the doors. Hopefully they will also take naps! I know I'm going to take one.....but first ... stitching. Have a great dry day and you know I'll keep you posted. And for Rich, Staci's husband, I'm going to try to get some pictures.


Carolyn said...

Hallelujah, the night is over--abxious to hear how you did. Saw Channel 5 there and see that the storm wall held. Hope you're ok.

Periwinkle Ink said...

Waiting to hear word on how the latest retreat went last weekend! And just to hear from you, in general, too. Hope all is well... about 85 days until we're all down there again, but who's counting!