Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It was suppose to rain...darn it I wanted the rain

It's like waiting for a snow day. In the morning there is the promise of rain today...that means I could close tonight, but did the rain come...nooooo, of course not, it's overcast, but no rain so here I sit...having to deal with some non-stitchers. I just don't have the patience any more. If another woman asks me the price of a model, I inform her they are samples of things she can make and then she giggles and says, "oh, I don't have the time or patience for that," I swear I might just climb over this counter...O.K., reality the time I got across the counter it would be October, so now I'm wondering just how close do you have to be to zap them with a stun gun. And would I be better off dragging their ass across the boardwalk and dumping them on the beach and then claiming I have no idea how they got there, or do I just sit them in a chair in the shop and use them as a display. I'm not sure...a little more thought might be needed here. And those who can't tell their left hand from their right...honestly, think a moment lady, or is that too difficult as well. (I have to admit that when asked to raise my left hand I think a moment before raising the correct hand, after all I don't want to irrate anyone, I want to be right so I'd rather they thought I was slow, not stupid.) Anyway I was asked where a certain chart was so I told her it was to her left, so she turned right, and said "No your right" and then she held up both arms trying to get her baring, so I said, "It's right to your left, Rack 5, " and she turned around and stared at it and I could tell she didn't see it even if I did tell her the names of the other 2 companies on the rack. Just as I was about to get up and take her hand and put it on the chart, her friend came from next door, said, "I'll show her" and she found it instantly because apparently she brought her brain with her...thank God. Then I just had a man tell his wife she had 15 he was the big sport and put a quarter in the parking meter so she could have a big 15 minutes to shop. 15 minutes in a needlework store...well isn't he just precious...a real keeper. Next time he's watching football she ought to give him 15 minutes to watch and then turn off the T.V. Jackass. But at least I was spared anymore of his crap as when he told her she had until 5:10 and she asked what time it was and I said, "It's 5:10" they paid and left. It's been a long, long summer for me...I need to go home! Well, I'm bored, we haven't seen anyone, stitching or otherwise for 1/2 hour, I'm closing and going home. Whoppee....see you on my sofa....I'll be the one with my head back, my mouth open and snoring. Even in sleep I'm a lovely sight (sight being the key word here).


Lee said...

I was in your shop twice over Labor Day weekend, and if my DH had told me that I had 15 minutes to shop, he would have been taking a long walk off a very short pier. Luckily, he totally gets it.

In fact, on the second trip he actually bought something - the bifocal sunglasses!

I was sorry that I missed meeting you both times.

Rachel S said...

Why do people come in the shop if they don't stitch? Is it just that it's not a Sunsations or a Dippin' Dots?

I was in last Sunday and my DF gave me as much time as I needed, he just is content to sit on the benches and people watch. He knows better than to impose time limits, :)