Sunday, November 23, 2008

What a weekend....

I had the best, yes the best weekend and I never left the house. That's what really made it the best. I stitched most of up periodically and started thinking about cleaning, but didn't get on that until Saturday and then I stormed the kitchen and began the process of cleaning out, throwing away, and what a great job I did if I do say so myself. Now, of course, it's too clean to cook at Thanksgiving that's not a good thing. But I suppose I'll look at it just a little longer, until I get hungry and then I don't give a darn what it looks like food will be made. I allowed myself to stitch on anything I wanted, Christmas Quaker sampler, since I have stitched so many of my Christmas gifts. I was going gung-ho until I made a mistake. It took me an hour to find it and then I didn't feel like tearing all of it out to correct so now I'm adjusting and that I hate. So I moved on to Emmanuel by Shepherd's Bush and I'm loving that except I hate, hate, hate the lettering they now do so I've had to redo the lettering which I'm not loving either. But I did it, wished I had centered the redo but can stand the way it looks anyway so it's staying the way it is. The weather is frightful down here....cold, cold, when I got into the car to go to church at 7:30 a.m. it was 28 degrees...brrrr. Last night I fell asleep (as usual) on the sofa watching T.V. When I am stitching I have only one light on (my stitching light) to begin with and when I am tired I usually turn it off (as I did last night) so the only thing that was still on in the house was the t.v. which I fell asleep watching. I was awakened at 2:30 a.m. by a pounding on my door, which frankly I thought was loud but was willing to ignore since I didn't want any visitors...but then the flashlight came out and lit up my living room so I could no longer ignore it. Now let me tell you I had not changed my P.J.'s for 2 days, my hair was un unGodly mess and I wasn't smelling too sweet either so to answer my door...well for me it wasn't an option. However, after getting off the sofa to scream at the ignoramius shining the light in the window I did notice a police car sitting there so I felt perhaps I should go see what the big deal was. Well it was our local Police department, vigilant for once, alerting me that one of the doors leading to the undercroft of my building was handing by a thread...and they were concerned that homeless would go crawling in. But he assured me he had checked underneath. First of all, I knew the door was hanging and have John coming on Monday to fix it. Homeless, in Ocean City...I don't think so. O.K., we may have a couple of people who wander all night but they aren't hanging out on my street trust me. This they saw but the hotel door wide open in April (because the idiot that painted them forgot about them and went home leaving them propped open all night)..they never saw. Go figure! So at 2:30 a.m. I took one last look at my cleaned kitchen and went to bed...the rest of the night was uneventful. Mary couldn't wait to call me this morning (Brian saw them there last night) to see why the police were at my house. Then she tells me Brian saw them and when I said, "Well thank him for coming down to see if I was alright," she said, "Well, he was afraid they were there for him since he had a couple of drinks after work before he drove home." Now that's caring for your mother in law isn't it? I can see now if one of us is going to be thrown under the bus...I think it will be me! And this close to Christmas....he should know better. I just got an e-mail from a friend of mine who buys tons of gift cards for everyone every year and she sent me a list of stores to be leary of since they are still selling the cards but are going to be closing in January. So if you purchase gift cards...check to make sure your stores are still going to be in business...this did happen to me once. I got a gift card which was purchased in October as a gift only to find out the restaurant went out of business in November. I happen to mention this while I was in class (I went back to college in my 40's) with a student who mentioned that her in-laws owned a restaurant (and is that amazing because this was the restaurant). When she heard what happened she said to bring the card to the restaurant she and her husband just opened and she would honor it. Which of course I didn't do because how fair would that be to them. I didn't pay for the was a gift so I just threw it away...but now I'm wiser I hope. I also don't buy cards very much but you can bet I won't be buying any now. Something is not right with businesses selling cards knowing they are going out of business. I think we can all agree on that. Well it's 3:55 and I need to get home to check on my clean kitchen. I can hardly wait to see I have to get my dining room and living room to join it in cleanliness. In case I don't get back to the blog before Thursday...have a wonderful and safe holiday. Enjoy your families, food, and stitch just a little if you find the time.

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Hedy said...

Hi Sally - wishing you and the family a wonderful and hassle-free Thanksgiving. I'm glad your pace has slowed down from the summer and you have more time to stitch - so important for our sanity!
Anyway, I'm doing well. I have to monitor myself from doing too much, especially bending down and lifting. Tom is pretty good at watching me and minding all the cooking, cleaning, etc.
I will be able to attend the Christmas dinner; I was disappointed that I missed the snowmen at the last meeting, but I will bring mine anyway so you can get a good laugh.
Have a great day. God bless, Hedy